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Discrimination in the Workplace: Mental Illness

Your disability is silent, invisible and episodic. Yet somehow, word gets out. Everyone in the office knows of your diagnosis. Next, you hear them whispering; they ask, “Is he crazy?” You’ve heard these murmurs before. They seem to follow you

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When Food is a Luxury

Being hungry usually means one of three things: • You did not eat a full meal. • You did not eat a balanced meal. • You did not eat at all. For some people living with disabilities, food is a

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Medical Marijuana Instead of Prescription Drugs

A number of people with disabilities use marijuana for medical purposes. Many of these individuals say it is better for them than narcotics. Narcotics had certain side effects that legal marijuana does not have. In Canada, medical marijuana users have been

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Mental Illness Leads to Joblessness, Poverty

Mental illness and poverty go hand in hand. People with mental illness face barriers which include stigma and discrimination. This often prevents them from acquiring education and holding a job. Mental illness can also interrupt a person’s chosen career path

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Canadian Employers Disability Forum Puts People To Work

In Canada, people with disabilities are willing and able to work. Also, Canadian employers say they are open to hiring people with disabilities. So what is the issue? Why are unemployment numbers high among this capable community? The issue is

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Tax Breaks for People with Disabilities

Income tax time in Canada can be stressful and confusing. In rushing to file before April 15, some people may miss important deductions by not knowing which benefits are available to them. One benefit that is often overlooked is a

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New Outreach Program for Patients with Dementia

Imagine that day by day you lose small pieces of your life and selfhood to a disease that is irreversible. Once respected, you now find yourself increasingly marginalized and ever aware that this thief of live will lead you to

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Convention for Persons with Disabilities Holds Government Accountable

On the heels of the Report on Equality Rights of People with Disabilities, the Canadian Human Rights Commission made this statement: “It is the Commission’s fervent hope that the efforts and investments of governments across Canada will narrow the gaps

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Canadians with Disabilities Live at or Below the Poverty Line

According to the Globe and Mail, most Canadians with disabilities live at or below the poverty line. Approximately one in seven people have a disability and some of those people earn less than $21,000 per year. In Canada, the term poverty

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Meet Election Canada’s Disability Advisory Group

In accordance with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, Elections Canada has created a new Advisory Group for Disability Issues. The advisory group’s job is to inform Elections Canada on the needs of people with disabilities during the voting process. Elections

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