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Archive for May, 2013


The Dietary Needs of People Over Age 60

What are the dietary needs of people who are over the age of 60? That’s a great question, one the Disability Living blog will try to answer. This week DL is blogging about what types of foods people over 60

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Four Things You Didn’t Know About Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a serious disease that affects many people. MS often has disabling symptoms. This week the Disability Living blog is writing about multiple sclerosis. The Disability Living blog is here to host conversations that benefit the entire disability

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Multiple Sclerosis Walk — Every Step Matters

Have you been reading the Disability Living blog this week? If so, you have been getting some good information about a disease called multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis affects a significant number of Canadians, and Disability Living is blogging to raise

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Hope for Treatment of Aggressive MS

Did you know Canada has a significant number of new multiple sclerosis cases reported each year? There are about 1,100 Canadians diagnosed with this disorder annually, making this nation one of the highest in the world for MS diagnoses. Today,

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Physical Therapy for Balance: MS Patients Try Tai Chi

There are many multiple sclerosis symptoms that have been discussed this week on the Disability Living Blog. One side effect MS patients often experience is difficulty keeping their balance. Sometimes, uncontrollable spastic tendencies and fatigue can cause a person with

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Caring for an Individual who has MS: Part 2

This week, Disability Living is exploring the strong individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and celebrating the courageous caretakers who assist them. While most people with MS are able to communicate fully, it is a good idea to be aware of

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Possible Medical Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Medical professionals and multiple sclerosis patients eagerly seek a medical treatment that will cure the progressive inflammatory disease. Up to this point, only a few medications exist to aid symptoms of MS. This is why many Canadians hope for a

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