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What Vaccinations Do Young Adults Need?

May 15, 2013

Young children and infants are often recommended to get certain vaccinations to prevent them from developing infectious diseases. Some schools will require children to receive vaccines, and may even ask kids who aren’t vaccinated to stay home in the event of an outbreak of infectious disease. But young adults and teenagers also need vaccines. Vaccinations can help keep young adults healthy and disease-free. Read on to learn what vaccinations may benefit teenagers and young adults.


There are certain vaccinations that teenagers and young adults should get.

Some vaccines are most helpful to school children. However, certain vaccines are appropriate and needed for teenagers and college students. Here are just a few of those vaccines:

– Meningococcal conjugate vaccine
– Tdap vaccine
– HPV vaccine
– Seasonal flu vaccine

The above vaccines can help a teen or young adult avoid potentially life-threatening infectious diseases. Young adults should be informed that taking ownership over their health is part of the process of growing up and being responsible. Young adults should do everything in their power to stay healthy. For many, vaccinations will be a part of the process of staying healthy.

Why should a young adult be vaccinated?

The main reason a young adult should get vaccines is to avoid disease. And individuals may be at risk for new diseases as they get older. Those going into college should definitely speak to a health care professional about what vaccines are recommended for college students and young adults who will be living on campus. (Some vaccines are good for people who will be living in community-style housing, such as college dorms, etc.) A high school student can speak to a school doctor to find out what vaccines they may benefit from.

What vaccines were helpful to your teenager or college student?

Is your son or daughter a teen or college student? If so, what vaccines were recommended to them? Did they get those vaccinations? If so, how did those vaccines help them stay healthy? Share with us by commenting on this Disability Living blog post today. Thanks for your feedback.

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