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The Numerous Health Benefits of Water

Most people are fully aware that they can survive only a short time apart from one life giving substance: water. Water is absolutely essential for life. Water also offers numerous health benefits to the human body. However, too many people

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Hand in Hand

Nutrition and Wellness for People Over 50

Nutrition and wellness are important because as we age, our risk for developing illnesses and diseases often increases. Individuals can lessen their chances of getting sick later in life simply by eating a nutritious diet and reaming active. Therefore, it

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Financial Support for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

Do you feel entrepreneurs with disabilities are given the same opportunities as entrepreneurs without disabilities? Many Canadians with disabilities are talented entrepreneurs who deserve a chance at success. These individuals are capable of bringing much to Canada’s economy and community.

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Canadians with Disabilities Make Jobs, Earn Money

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most impactful entrepreneurs are people with disabilities. Do you want to make your own job or start a small business? If so, you may want to know what Canada does

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Seeking Financial Relief For Canada’s Veterans

Disability can affect anyone and poverty may strike at any time. Too many Canadian veterans are aware of this fact. Poverty that plagues veterans has been a prevalent issue since before the First World War. Do you feel like you are

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Veterans Receive Help With Tax Credit Paperwork

Disability assistance is available but securing it costs time and money. In some circumstances, investments of time outweigh modest financial gains. A lot of this labor goes into locating and filling out confusing paperwork. Furthermore, after sending in paperwork to

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What is Frasil? Life Changing Technology

Frasil is a browser that simplifies computer navigation for people with disabilities. This software can be downloaded on any device and set to user preferences. It does not require a person to use a keyboard, mouse, or voice. Therefore, people

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Inclusive Communication Technology For People With Disabilities

It could have been a car accident, a surgical procedure, or a stroke. Knowing what led to this moment is not significant. Understanding what happens next is important. Picture this: you wake up but have yet to open your eyes.

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