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How Is Goldenhar Syndrome Diagnosed and Treated?

The Disability Living blog is committed to writing posts that benefit individuals with disabilities. Many people have disabilities that are caused by birth defects. Some of these individuals have been disfigured by their birth defects. This week Disability Living is

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ABA Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous

A balanced diet is good for maintaining high quality of life. When individuals lose sight of healthy living, by eating too much or too little, eating disorders can emerge. These are serious conditions that are as addictive as substance abuse.

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Mood Disorders Society of Canada

Affecting over one million Canadians, depression is fast becoming a leading disability, predicted to be the largest killer by 2020 (second to heart disease). Much research is being conducted the world over in an attempt to shed light on this

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The Cost of Mental Illness in Canada

Mental illness is a big deal in Canada — in fact, 20 percent of Canadians will deal with a mental disorder at some point in their lives. Not only that, disability leave due to mental disorders ends up costing Canada

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Polio Infections Rise in Middle East Where Vaccinations are Banned

Polio vaccinations have played a large role in eradicating the disease from many parts of the world. While vaccinations impose debatable risks, polio is too dangerous to be unguarded from. Unfortunately, some parts of the world are banning polio vaccines.

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Try Chair Yoga to Retain or Gain Mobility

The relaxation and mindfulness benefits of yoga are not only for people who have full range of motion in all their limbs. Increasingly, as yoga studios seek to create a niche for themselves and indeed as we Canadians move toward

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5 Fun Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Physical activity benefits range from health and wellness to increased emotional quality of life. Yet, 51% of Canadians are inactive and for Canadians with disabilities, this number is even higher. Oftentimes, the physically disabled are inactive because of physical limitations,

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People with Disabilities are Ready to Work

Employment is a concern for some adults with disabilities. Professional assistance can help find jobs for people with unique circumstances. Help for those who want to work, and who are capable of working, is provided by services prepared to meet

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Get In the ‘Zone’ and End Discriminatory Language

Can you picture yourself having a great conversation with interesting people when all of a sudden someone uses discriminatory language? The whole tone of the conversation changes as people awkwardly try to gloss over the social error. Many Canadians are

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Mental Health Week is Here Again

Did you know that mental health is a major issue in Canada? It’s true. More Canadians need to be aware of mental health and related issues, especially since an estimated 21.3 percent of Canadians will probably deal with a mental

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