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It is the Best Time to Apply for the Disability Tax Credit

Applying for the Disability Tax Credit is a complex, drawn out process. Assuming a Disability Tax Credit Certificate is successful upon first submission, more than a month can go by without an approval confirmation. Should the T2201 form be rejected

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5 Important Statistics about the Disability Tax Credit

Too many people are not receiving money government owes them. The Canada Revenue Agency has money reserved for people with disabilities. Those who have mental and physical challenges are able to access these funds by applying for the Disability Tax

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A Common Tax Filing Mistake

Tax season is a stressful time. It is hardest on people who earn meager incomes. These individuals often find it impossible to make ends meet. When faced with owing taxes to government, lump sums of money are not easy to

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Defining Qualifiers for the Disability Tax Credit

It takes more than a disability diagnosis to qualify for the Disability Tax Credit. People assume that some significant, well-known restrictions automatically qualify. This is a myth as these benefits depend on the symptoms of disability – not its label.

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A Secure Financial Future with the Disability Tax Credit

Financial woes are cause for concern. Feelings of insecurity increase when an individual is disabled. Whether a serious work related injury led to loss of income or living with a lifelong handicap makes it impossible to work, people with disabilities

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Why Children Need the Disability Tax Credit

The Disability Tax Credit offers more than financial benefits. People who qualify for this support program are able to claim up to $40,000 and annual tax savings. More so, the Disability Tax Credit raises chances of qualifying for other financial

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Will a Child Qualify for the Disability Tax Credit?

Parents never want to see their children suffer. This makes caring for a disabled child difficult. A child who has a mental or physical impairment faces more challenges than meets the eye. The burden of keeping up with numerous doctor

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What is the Child Disability Tax Credit?

It can be surprising to learn there is more than one Disability Tax Credit. The Child Disability Tax Credit can qualify a family for financial support too. Parents who care for disabled children or dependents are able to receive financial

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Depressed and Filing for the Disability Tax Credit

Some severe mental health issues are disabling according to the Canada Revenue Agency. When topics of mental illness arise, people are quick to assume there is no financial support available. Contrary to popular belief, depressed individuals with ongoing pain and

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Some Glaucoma Symptoms Qualify for the Disability Tax Credit

Blindness is one of the disabilities that encouraged the creation of the Disability Tax Credit. There is no question that debilitating vision is restrictive. However, eye trouble comes in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, too many people believe it is impossible

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