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Down Syndrome in Adults Facts

In support of Down Syndrome Awareness month, we’re building awareness by providing a better understanding of Down syndrome in adults.

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Nurses Can Now Certify Form T2201, Disability Tax Credit Certificate

One of the lesser known hurdles of the Disability Tax Credit application process in Canada is liaising with your medical practitioner to complete the compulsory Part B section of Form T2201, Disability Tax Credit certificate.

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What’s the Difference Between ADD and ADHD?

It’s the most widespread psychiatric condition in children with approximately 5 percent of kids getting diagnosed with it, but few people really understand the nuances of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.

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Should It Take This Long to Get My Disability Tax Credit Refund?

Patience is a virtue, but even the most tolerant thumb-twiddlers can have their composure tested when it comes to claiming a Disability Tax Credit refund in Canada.

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What are the Differences Between Dysgraphia and Dyslexia?

Recognizing the difference between dysgraphia and dyslexia in your child is critical to their development. Pinpointing the learning disability that affects your child can help you find the special needs programs or tools they need to be successful in school

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Is Depression a Disability in Canada?

Depression is undoubtedly a serious mental illness, but is depression a disability in Canada? Let’s look at the facts.

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Are CPP Disability Benefits and the Disability Tax Credit Mutually Exclusive?

One of the most common Disability Tax Credit-related questions we receive on a daily basis is whether a person living with a disability in Canada should apply for the Disability Tax Credit or CPP disability benefits. While both are designed

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I got a Clarification Letter from the CRA – Can I Still Get My Disability Tax Credit Refund?

After applying for the Disability Tax Credit in Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) determines your Disability Tax Credit eligibility and status, leading to four potential outcomes:

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Autism Meltdowns and How to Avoid Triggers

Meltdowns can be a prevalent concern among children with autism. Even so, some adults are prone to these outbursts, too, and it is not exclusive to adults and children with autism.

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Can People with Autism Have Successful Careers?

A common concern for parents of children with autism is how the disorder will affect their adult years.

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