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Nutrition and Wellness for People Over 50

November 25, 2014

Hand in HandNutrition and wellness are important because as we age, our risk for developing illnesses and diseases often increases. Individuals can lessen their chances of getting sick later in life simply by eating a nutritious diet and reaming active. Therefore, it is important to consider the question, what can men and women who are over the age of 50 do to maximize their health?

While there are many similarities between the dietary needs of men and women, each person over 50 has specific needs. If you are looking to easily improve your health through nutritious eating, read on.

Why Should A Man Over The Age Of 50 Watch What He Eats?

Did you know that men of a certain age must be proactive about avoiding specific health conditions? Heart disease, prostate cancer and gout are a few conditions that men may be able to steer clear of by eating a healthy diet. If you want to avoid these health conditions, please consider implementing the following nutrition tips:

  • Heart disease — To keep heart disease at bay, men should eat fish, fiber-rich foods, nuts, and healthy fats. Saturated fats, excessive salt, trans fats, and alcohol should be avoided.
  • Prostate cancer — Men who regularly eat food that is loaded with antioxidants, as well as legumes, fruits, and vegetables, have a better chance of not developing prostate cancer as they age. Do all you can to include these foods in your diet.
  • Gout – Did you know that eating low-fat dairy products and fiber can help you prevent gout? Also, Vitamin C is helpful for avoiding this condition. Purine should be avoided (purine can be found in shrimp, red meat, alcohol, and soybeans).

Are You A Man Who Is Over 50?

As a man who is over the age of 50, how do you meet your specific dietary needs? Do you have any tips to share with us? If so, please leave a comment on this blog post.

Women Can Avoid Disease As They Age By Eating Healthy

Women can also help themselves avoid disease as they age by eating a nutritious diet. Some health conditions that women should intentionally eat to avoid include heart disease, osteoporosis and iron toxicity. Here are a few tips to help women over age 50 eat foods that prevent disease:

  • Heart disease — Women can help themselves prevent heart disease by eating vegetables, fruits, seafood, beans, whole grains, and olive oil. Make every effort to include these foods in your diet.
  • Osteoporosis — Osteoporosis is a major health concern for aging women. Women can guard against osteoporosis by drinking juice and eating cereal, beans, oatmeal, sardines, salmon, leafy greens, and almonds. These foods are delicious and can easily be included in a meal plan.
  • Iron toxicity — Most people know that iron is good for them. But did you know that you can get too much dietary iron? It’s true. In fact, as women age and go through menopause, their bodies need less iron. You may want to avoid taking any vitamin supplements that include iron, as too much iron can do damage to your heart and liver. Check with your doctor to learn how much iron is right for you.

Women, Care For Your Bodies

Some women put others’ needs before their own. This is not always a good idea, especially when meeting other people’s needs comes at the expense of neglecting your own. Make healthy eating, rest, and exercise a priority. If you do, your body will reward you by staying healthy as you age.

Aging is an inescapable fact of life. However, it doesn’t need to be all bad. With a healthy diet and fitness routine, you may be able to bypass health problems that tend to arise with age. This seemingly small step has the power to extend your enjoyment of life for years to come.


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