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The Numerous Health Benefits of Water

November 27, 2014

Life-sustaining-Therapies-Qualify-for-Disability-Tax-CreditMost people are fully aware that they can survive only a short time apart from one life giving substance: water. Water is absolutely essential for life. Water also offers numerous health benefits to the human body. However, too many people drink just enough water and never experience the amazing benefits that come with drinking an abundance of this precious element. Do you drink enough water?

Benefits of Drinking Water

It’s a fact that water is needed for survival. But did you know that drinking sufficient amounts of water can help you to enjoy vibrant health? It’s true. Here are just a few of the many benefits of drinking plenty of water:

  • Drinking proper amounts of water will aid your digestion and circulation.
  • Water is excellent for muscles and skin.
  • Drinking plenty of water can keep kidney stones at bay.
  • Water assists your kidneys in keeping your body clean and healthy.
  • When you drink water, essential nutrients are circulated throughout your bloodstream.

How much Water should You Drink Every Day?

How much water is a sufficient amount to drink each day? That’s a great question, one that doesn’t get asked often enough. To experience the wonderful benefits listed in this blog post, adult males need to drink about thirteen cups of water each day; females should aim for nine. If you are physically active, the amount of water you drink should be increased.

Still have questions about your water intake? Visit and for more information. Remember, when in doubt about anything regarding your health, ask a medical professional.

Tips for Drinking More Water

Do you always resolve to drink more water, only to fail at your goal? If yes, we understand. Wanting to drink more water and falling short of that desire is as common as unsuccessfully attempting to lose weight. The good news is you can confidently reach any goal you have in mind; this includes drinking more water. Read on to find fail-proof tips that can make drinking abundant amounts of water as easy as breathing.

Here are just a few quick and easy to tips that might help you drink more water:

  • Drink water with meals — Make a habit of always ordering water with meals, even if you also have a caloric beverage. Sip your water often during your meal, or make it your main beverage.
  • Time your water breaks — If you have trouble remembering to drink water, set a timer on your phone to “remind” you to drink up!
  • Increase the appeal of your water — Do you truly hate the taste of water? If so, jazz your water up with a splash of lemon or lime or some other fruit juice. Remember to keep water healthy by avoiding adding drink mixes that contain aspartame.
  • Make sure your water is healthy — Many sources will tell you that it’s safe to drink tap water. However, if it makes you feel better about the health of your water, purchase bottled water or put a filter on your water tap.
  • Carry a filtered water bottle — Did you know that you can buy a water bottle that has a filter attached to the lid? This makes it easy to fill up at water fountains and still be sure you are drinking healthy water.
  • Keep water at your place of employment — Do you have your own office or cubicle at your place of employment? If so, consider keeping jugs of filtered water or bottles of water at your workplace. This will give you constant access to water, encouraging you to drink it.

How do you stay Hydrated?

Do you have any secrets that help you consistently drink abundant amounts of water? Share those tips with us and other readers by leaving a comment in the reply section below. Here’s to better health for all!


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