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What is Frasil? Life Changing Technology

November 06, 2014

Frasil is a browser that simplifies computer navigation for people with disabilities. This software can be downloaded on any device and set to user preferences. It does not require a person to use a keyboard, mouse, or voice. Therefore, people with varying physical and mental impairments ought to be able to find a solution within this system.  Frasil is compatible with all devices and can assist a person in communicating with others, enjoy the World Wide Web, and manage other aspects of day-to-day life.

CEO Greg Vail says the hope for Frasil is to “…see all people with disabilities have abilities to connect with computers and the internet so that they may explore, discover, and connect with family and friends.”

For this reason, the Frasil framework is very simplistic. The software is intuitive. It invites individuals to customize the programming to fit personal needs and preferences.

In the Future…

The founder of Frasil, Fran Killoway, along with Greg and the Frasil team plan to roll out additional features that will make it possible for the system to serve people in extraordinary ways.

The following concepts are in the works:

  • The Frasil program will be able to understand grunts.
  • Droids will offer signing companions for those who are learning to communicate in sign language.
  • Women with visual impairments may be able to apply their own make-up. For instance, Frasil will be able to alert someone when she has too much blush on one of her cheeks.
  • The Frasil team is also preparing to serve speakers of 135 different languages with the software.

In addition to accessible technology, Frasil also plans to address one of the gravest concerns among people with disabilities: isolation.

Work is being done to make cafes and other social setting available through Frasil programs. Some planned gatherings will allow people to attend meetings and even go to church. But they won’t have to travel far. They can participate in these events with computer software and a camera.

Ultimately, the Frasil framework not only puts the person in control of technology, it serves the individual as a total communication tool.

Frasil in Action

In speaking with Fran, she mentioned a man who is progressed in his years. He has Parkinson’s disease and a broken neck. It is easy to imagine him as the person lying in a stiff hospital bed, not sure of his surroundings but comforted with the sight of the familiar Frasil logo.

If a communicative device were not there, how long would he lay awake before someone took notice? How much pain would he endure before receiving proper care?

Comfort in knowing answers is one thing, but inspiration and ability to take control is another.

Fran mentioned that this man loves poetry and enjoys writing prose.

Imagine him, an elderly man, rattled by Parkinson’s, laying prostrate in bed for care of his spine. His thoughts could be recorded. His writing could be preserved. With this accessible technology, he could create, share, and be seen. This is the beginning of technology empowering people to be all they can be.

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