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Seeking Financial Relief For Canada’s Veterans

November 13, 2014

Disability can affect anyone and poverty may strike at any time. Too many Canadian veterans are aware of this fact. Poverty that plagues veterans has been a prevalent issue since before the First World War.

Do you feel like you are living in poverty? Is poverty the result of receiving insufficient disability assistance from the government of Canada?

Veterans often count on disability benefits offered by the government of Canada. Unfortunately, this funding can seem inadequate. As a result, those who serve the country do not have a way to easily access funds they need and are entitled to.

What Defines Poverty?

“The 40 K dollar threshold,” according to the Canadian Veteran Advocacy is the amount that identifies “basic minimum-essential income required to provide shelter, clothing and food…” This amount “must be applied to Canada’s wounded reservists, they must be treated with the equality they earned in the field of battle.”

Too many veterans live on less than 40k per year and are considered impoverished by Canada’s standards. The vague definition (no official, permanent definition of poverty exists) of poverty is persons “living in strained conditions.” Poverty is measured relative to current consumption standards. This means it is always changing.

In general, the Canadian government maintains social policies (including involve benefits and pensions) that are productive for the national economy.

Government Funding Impacts Poverty

As of April 4, 2013, the Federal government approved a settlement between Dennis Manuge v. Her Majesty The Queen. Known as the SISIP (Service Income Security Insurance Plan) lawsuit, this is “a class-action lawsuit [that] was filed in March 2007 on behalf of Dennis Manuge and 4,500 other disabled veterans whose long-term disability benefits are reduced by the amount of the monthly Veterans Affairs disability pension they receive.”

Before the SISIP settlement, Veterans of Canada were not getting the amount of money they were entitled to. Many reported having tremendous difficulty living on the funds they were given and often found themselves having to pay various fees associated with obtaining funds. Overtime, some veterans began receiving smaller amounts of disability benefits than before. Ultimately, veterans of Canada were only getting small amounts of money from government that was then being taxed. Many veterans found accessing funds was more trouble than it was worth.

The National Benefit Authority recognizes poverty is a large issue that affects many people with disabilities, especially Canadian veterans. In addition to veteran specific programs, veterans with disabilities may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit. The National Benefit Authority exists to help people find financial relief through lucrative retroactive payments and annual tax breaks. It also raises their chances of qualifying for other benefit programs like RDSP (Registered Disability Savings Plan).

The National Benefit Authority (NBA) strives to help all Canadians with disabilities receive funds they are entitled to. If you suffer from a severe and prolonged disability, contact the National Benefit Authority to discuss how to apply for government funding. Call 1888-389-0080 or click here:

The NBA  wishes veterans of Canada the best of luck getting their rightful money from government.

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