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Canadians with Disabilities Make Jobs, Earn Money

November 18, 2014

Autism-Leads-to-Successful-Careers-Disability-LivingEntrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most impactful entrepreneurs are people with disabilities.

Do you want to make your own job or start a small business? If so, you may want to know what Canada does to promote its self-employed citizens. Surprisingly, the Canadian government is doing a lot to support entrepreneurs with disabilities.

In your opinion, is government doing all it can to help Canadians make jobs and earn money?

Canada’s Plan for Helping Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Succeed

Seeing individuals with disabilities succeed in entrepreneurship is of high importance to the Canadian government. In fact, Canada is “committed to supporting job creation by small businesses and opportunities for under-represented groups in the workforce.” The Canadian government’s Economic Action Plan proposes:

  • Making a $30 million investment into the Opportunities Fund.

Right now, many people have an understanding that Canadians with disabilities do not currently have access to sufficient labour market opportunities. The Canadian government is attempting to fix this by investing $30 million (over a three year time span) into the Opportunities Fund.

  • Creating a panel on labour market opportunities for persons with disabilities
  • Improving labour market opportunities for Canadians with disabilities

What Is The Opportunities Fund?

The Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities is a government financial program that enables individuals with disabilities to “prepare for, obtain, or maintain employment or self-employment.” The program does this by giving funding that does not have to be repaid to qualifying individuals and/or organizations. Read more about the Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities at

The Opportunities Fund offers certain Canadians with disabilities funding they need to become self-employed entrepreneurs.

Can you imagine how many disabled individuals could become entrepreneurs because of an influx in funding to the Opportunities Fund?

Canada’s Contribution to Employment of Persons with Disabilities

The Canadian government has done much in the past to help Canadians with disabilities find employment and return to school. To read specifics about this, visit and scroll the screen down until you see the section titled “Helping Canadians with Disabilities Gain Employment and Work Experience through the Opportunities Fund.”

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities are on the Rise in Canada

The government sees the potential of people with disabilities in Canada – that’s why it is investing big money into the development of these individuals and their businesses.

People with disabilities are capable of earning comfortable incomes. Despite facing significant restrictions, many start their own businesses. To encourage and support the disability community, Canada offers financial support to people who struggle with severe and prolonged disabilities. One of the most lucrative opportunities is the Disability Tax Credit, which offers annual savings and substantial refunds (up to $40,000!). This may provide an entrepreneur with enough money to support daily living expenses and some startup costs of self-employment.

Benefit Specialists are able to assist people with disabilities file Disability Tax Credit applications, even those who are self-employed. The National Benefit Authority is the most trusted name in disability support. Free consultations are available to those who call 1888-389-0080. Also contact the agency by filling out this online form:


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