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Do Arthritis Sufferers Qualify for the Disability Tax Credit?

What does arthritis have to do with disability? It is uncommon to think of this ailment as disabling; yet anyone with severe arthritis, like rheumatoid arthritis, knows joint inflammation can cause debilitating symptoms. There are over 100 forms of arthritis.

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Rules for Transferring the Disability Tax Credit

Canada Revenue Agency’s disability support program comes in the form of a non-refundable tax credit. This means individuals who earn taxable incomes are able to receive refunds and substantial retroactive payments. The problem is that many people with disabilities are

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The Disability Tax Credit and ODSP

It is possible to be enrolled in ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) and receive the Disability Tax Credit too. These separate disability support options can be claimed by the same person. Even so, ODSP and the Disability Tax Credit serve

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Professionals Optimize Disability Tax Credit Certificates

The Canada Revenue Agency makes a tax credit available to people living with disabilities. To secure these benefits, it is necessary to file a successful Disability Tax Credit Certificate. Unfortunately, throughout this application process, people who need and deserve the

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A Life-sustaining Therapy Qualifies for Disability Tax Credit

The term “life-sustaining therapies” sounds daunting. These types of treatments are not to be taken lightly. However, with financial support and proper medical care, it is possible to have a high quality of life despite disability. When an individual depends

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What is the Disability Tax Credit Certificate?

The best disability support program is a non-refundable tax credit that is not subject to Canadian tax. A person who is markedly or significantly restricted can apply for the Disability Tax Credit. To apply, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requests

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Receiving Disability Tax Credit Benefits from Government of Canada

After qualifying for the Disability Tax Credit, it will take time to receive benefits. It is possible to claim between $1,500 and $40,000 from the government of Canada. These funds have been reserved for people with disabilities. Substantial amounts of

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Types of Restriction Eligible for the Disability Tax Credit

A handicap or severe disability often leads to troubles with daily activities. For a disabled person who is not able to function at societal standards, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers a tax credit and benefit program. In reserving funds

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Canadian Tax on Disability Tax Credit Claims

The government of Canada understands people with disabilities need financial assistance. With the Disability Tax Credit, qualified beneficiaries can receive annual tax refunds and significant sums of money (between $1,500 and $40,000). These funds are not subject to Canadian tax,

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Disability Tax Credit after Death

“My dad was severely disabled. He passed last year. I cared for him leading up to that time. Is there any disability support for someone in my position?” – Carol in Winnipeg When a disabled person passes away, family, friends, and

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