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Professionals Optimize Disability Tax Credit Certificates

September 16, 2013

The Canada Revenue Agency makes a tax credit available to people living with disabilities. To secure these benefits, it is necessary to file a successful Disability Tax Credit Certificate. Unfortunately, throughout this application process, people who need and deserve the tax credit are often rejected.


This is because the Disability Tax Credit Certificate, or T2201 form, has many obstacles that a person living with a disability may not recognize. This is why professional Benefit Specialists are available to help individuals get the money they deserve from government.

The National Benefit Authority (NBA) is the most trusted disability tax specialist in Canada. Working with the NBA ensures professional assistance, maximum benefits, and confidence throughout the filing process. While many people choose to file Disability Tax Credit Certificates without assistance, assurance is available to those who request the help of Benefit Specialists.

Experienced Professionals

Everyone has an area of expertise. The National Benefit Authority has a workforce equipped with knowledge of the Disability Tax Credit. These Benefit Specialists know the tax credit inside and out. They have worked with many people who possess a variety of disabilities.

Not only do they know all about the Disability Tax Credit, they are also aware of other programs that may compliment these benefits. With a unique case or complicated circumstances, it is important to speak with a person who understands the nuances of applying for the Disability Tax Credit and receiving large sums of money.

Maximum Benefits

Anyone can fill in the blanks on the T2201 form, but the best way to get the full amount of money is to work with professionals. Working with the National Benefit Authority ensures a team of knowledgeable people will guide the application process to maximize benefits. They know how to file T2201 forms, effectively communicate with CRA, and claim between $1,500 and $40,000.

Confidence and Assurance

Many Canada Revenue Agency regulations regarding the Disability Tax Credit spark pressing concerns and questions. Unfortunately, some people give up on the application process because of confusion or falsely believing they are not eligible.

Speaking with a professional can give an individual peace of mind. Every situation is unique and professionals at the National Benefit Authority have worked with thousands of Canadians with disabilities. Consulting the National Benefit Authority is free of charge. Call Benefit Specialists at 1888-389-0080 or fill out this form:

Confidently approaching the Disability Tax Credit Certificate with professional assistance can result in maximum benefits. Teaming up with the National Benefit Authority offers peace of mind. The Benefit Specialists know the tax credit inside and out. They are equipped to discuss all options in a secure setting.

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