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Canadian Tax on Disability Tax Credit Claims

September 11, 2013

The government of Canada understands people with disabilities need financial assistance. With the Disability Tax Credit, qualified beneficiaries can receive annual tax refunds and significant sums of money (between $1,500 and $40,000). These funds are not subject to Canadian tax, meaning a person collects this entire value.


Let’s explore how a disabled person may be eligible to receive money from the government of Canada.

Access Government of Canada Funds for Disabilities

Through the Disability Tax Credit, a disabled individual can receive the “Disability Amount.” This sum of money is applied to annual tax forms. It decreases the amount of taxes one owes and, in many cases, offers significant returns.

The Disability Tax Credit is non-refundable. It is intended to reduce the amount of taxes people with disabilities have to pay. Its purpose is to compensate individuals for medical expenses accrued because of disability. Considering its purpose to decrease taxable income, a person does not need to pay Canadian tax on the money.

For a person who qualifies for the Disability Tax Credit but is a low income earner, it is possible to transfer the credit to a supporting person or family member. The individual who receives the credit will use the disability amount on his or her tax forms. It will be processed with the same standards as if the disabled person were receiving the benefits directly. This means the supporting person does not need to pay taxes on this money either.

The Disability Tax Credit

The Disability Tax Credit is a non-refundable benefit that is not subject to Canadian tax. In addition, it can open many doors for other disability support programs. Getting the most of these benefits begins with applying for the Disability Tax Credit Certificate (T2201 form). Unfortunately, too many disabled persons are denied the Disability Tax Credit because the applications report misinformation. Avoid receiving delayed benefits and get the most money offered in retroactive payments by filling out the T2201 form right the first time.

The National Benefit Authority helps thousands of people get the money government of Canada owes them through the Disability Tax Credit. Receive non-refundable money that is not subject to Canadian tax by filing a successful T2201 form. Benefit Specialists offer free consultations and are available to guide individuals through this process. Call today at 1888-389-0080.

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