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Missing Out on the Disability Tax Credit?

The biggest problem with the Disability Tax Credit is not enough people know about it. Some people looking for disability support wonder why they are just hearing about the Disability Tax Credit now. Many of them could have qualified years

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Can Income be Too High to Qualify for the Disability Tax Credit?

Many people assume tax credit qualifications are income based. They are surprised to learn qualifying for the Disability Tax Credit has little to do with income. When it comes to the Disability Tax Credit, however, the Canada Revenue Agency is

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Great Benefits Available with the Disability Tax Credit

The National Benefit Authority (NBA) is the most trusted name in disability support. With their assistance, thousands of people with disabilities have been able to access government funding. Being granted the Disability Tax Credit enables individuals with physical or mental

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Are Certain Disabilities Eligible for Disability Tax Credit?

When a condition impacts daily functions in significant ways, an individual become eligible for the Disability Tax Credit. Many people do not consider themselves disabled even when they have limitations that keep them from daily activities. This may be because

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Is it Possible to Automatically Qualify for the Disability Tax Credit?

There are numerous disability support programs available. In Canada, it is possible to receive federal and provincial care. These unique programs operate independently. This means qualifying for one does not mean automatic qualification for the Disability Tax Credit. Applying for

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Is Taxable Income a Must for the Disability Tax Credit?

A popular myth about the Disability Tax Credit is that only people with taxable incomes qualify. While a taxable income gives value to the Disability Tax Credit, it is not necessary for qualification. All too often people shy away from

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A Myth about the Denied Disability Tax Credit Certificate

Have you been denied the Disability Tax Credit in the past? How did you handle this – did you file an appeal, reapply, or accept the decision? If your application was denied, it is possible the Canada Revenue Agency made

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Disability Tax Credit and the Wheelchair Myth

There is a lot of misinformation circulating about the Disability Tax Credit. As a result, some people think the benefits program does not apply to them. Yet many of these individuals are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit. Have you

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Denied the Disability Tax Credit… Now What?

You did everything right. You learned about the Disability Tax Credit, spoke with your medical practitioner, and filled out the T2201 form. Despite having a prolonged, severe, and costly disability, your application was denied. Why? What went wrong? Now what?

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