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Receiving Disability Tax Credit Benefits from Government of Canada

September 13, 2013

After qualifying for the Disability Tax Credit, it will take time to receive benefits. It is possible to claim between $1,500 and $40,000 from the government of Canada. These funds have been reserved for people with disabilities. Substantial amounts of money are available to disabled persons who are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit Certificate.


Qualifying for the tax credit and receiving the money can be a long and drawn out process. During this time there is very little information about when to expect the money or how it will be claimed. To calm concerns during this waiting period, there are a few truths that may help.

Truths about Receiving Disability Tax Credit Benefits

1)     Money can be used for anything. Different from some income assistance programs, the Disability Tax Credit does not replace an income. Instead, it frees up funds that would be paid in taxes. This money can be used for anything, and is thought to be helpful to people who have large medical expenses and high costs of living.

2)     The general time frame for receiving money is approximately 120 days from when the Disability Tax Credit qualification note is sent.

3)     The National Benefit Authority has seen beneficiaries receive this money in instalments. The number of instalments varies from case to case depending on amount owed. Generally 2-3 instalments can be expected.

4)     Money may be received in one of two ways:

– The Canada Revenue Agency deposits a cheque directly into a bank account.
– A cheque can be sent through the mail.

Applying for disability support benefits from the government of Canada is a challenging task. Ensuring the greatest amount of money available is claimed can be equally trying. Receive the right amount of money owed in the time promised with the help of professionals.

The National Benefit Authority assists thousands of people who apply and claim the Disability Tax Credit. Benefit Specialists can help expedite the process by making sure paperwork is in order and correct the first time. This allows an individual to receive financial relief fast.

Contact the National Benefit Authority to discuss unique circumstances. Benefit Specialists can be reached at 1888-389-0080. An initial consultation is free and accessible by filling out this form online:

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