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Why We Always Follow Up on Rejected Disability Tax Credit Claims

When applicants come to The National Benefit Authority for assistance with the Disability Tax Credit application process, not only do they receive the expertise of 10 specialized departments, but our company’s full support. We fully invest our time and resources

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Avoiding Common Errors When Applying for the Disability Tax Credit

The Canada Revenue Agency can be stringent when deciding who qualifies for the Disability Tax Credit, but a significant number of declined Disability Tax Credit applications are the result of human error.

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Understanding BADL, and How it Affects Your DTC Eligibility

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is which medical conditions or disabilities qualify for the Disability Tax Credit in Canada.

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Can You Get the Disability Tax Credit for Mental Illness?

The stigma surrounding mental illness is dissolving – just look at the A-list celebrities and sports stars opening up about their struggles to the public. Thankfully, this has led to more and more people finding the courage to get the

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A renewed purpose – “a new team”

By Felicia Voss-Shafiq Sitting Volleyball Athlete, Team Canada To anyone who sees me, I appear positive, happy, and well adapted, with an amazing pair of legs. And I have every reason to be – I am part of the Canadian

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International Self-Care Day – The Seven Pillars of Self-Care

Many people have heard the term “self-care” but may not know that there is an International Self-Care Day in Canada and the United States. On July 24th every year, individuals and groups take time to report on and acknowledge self-care

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The Cost of Mental Illness in Canada

Mental illness is a big deal in Canada — in fact, 20 percent of Canadians will deal with a mental disorder at some point in their lives. Not only that, disability leave due to mental disorders ends up costing Canada

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Get In the ‘Zone’ and End Discriminatory Language

Can you picture yourself having a great conversation with interesting people when all of a sudden someone uses discriminatory language? The whole tone of the conversation changes as people awkwardly try to gloss over the social error. Many Canadians are

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Keep Your Arteries Healthy with Fruits and Veggies

As you age, cardiovascular conditions become more pronounced and may pose major health concerns. In many of these cases, the underlying reason leading to cardiovascular conditions is dysfunctional arteries that are often clogged with plaque, disrupting the blood flow in

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Ageism – A Rising Issue Plaguing Canada

Discrimination of people in old age is a problem that is continues to rise. In 1960s, Robert Butler created the term “Ageism,” which he defined as a process where people were systematically stereotyped and discriminated against because they were old.

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