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A Secure Financial Future with the Disability Tax Credit

September 25, 2013

Financial woes are cause for concern. Feelings of insecurity increase when an individual is disabled. Whether a serious work related injury led to loss of income or living with a lifelong handicap makes it impossible to work, people with disabilities find it challenging to make money. Lack of sufficient funds stirs up worry in the moment and diminishes hope for a secure financial future.


Pursuing opportunities that can secure finances, both now and in the future, is necessary. To get started, the first step is applying for the Disability Tax Credit. Canada’s best disability support program provides annual tax breaks and large sums of money (between $1,500 and $40,000!).

The Disability Tax Credit is an option that can help maximize income, lower taxes, and establish financial security.

The Disability Tax Credit Provides Annual Returns

The Disability Tax Credit reduces the amount of taxes owed to government each year. This means annual funding is available through this program. Benefits are accessible every year the beneficiary qualifies for the tax credit. (It may be active for one year or a lifetime.)

The recipient of this tax break can spend funds however he or she would like. This tax break can afford current needs or support future planning. The money can also be reserved for upcoming, unforeseen expenses. Striving to establish a secure financial future involves spending wisely and thinking ahead.

Building Financial Security Starts Now

The Disability Tax Credit saves money, and as an effect, lifts the burden of concern. Unfortunately, many people are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit but not aware they qualify. The sooner the Disability Tax Credit Certificate is submitted, the sooner benefits can be issued and savings can begin. However, retroactive payments are offered with this disability support program. Going back 10 years, payments can range from $1,500 to $40,000! Receiving a large sum can make a person feel financially secure.

The Disability Tax Credit offers yearly benefits which makes it a competitive program. Some applicants are rejected because of mistakes made when filling out the T2201 form. This is why the National Benefit Authority exists; the most trusted name in disability support is able to help people get the money they deserve from government.

Making the most of a free consultation with Benefit Specialist is the first step in securing a financial future. By making smart choices with the money received, a person living with a disability can begin saving and pursuing additional support opportunities.

Teaming up with the National Benefit Authority is the best way to raise hopes for the future. Thousands of people have been assisted by this agency. Read over 500 testimonies of successful applicants.

Qualifying for the Disability Tax Credit means the future can be bright and financially secure.

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