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Unwarranted Disability and Consequential Exposure

July 31, 2013

No one deserves to live with disability. It is not something people ask for. Still, it is highly likely that you have a disability, know someone with a disability, or will acquire a disability in your lifetime (due to old age).

Anyone who struggles with a severe and prolonged physical or mental affliction is victim to unwarranted disability.


The Nation Benefit Authority serves individuals in these types of unfortunate situations by helping them qualify for the disability tax credit.

A large number of people who need both emotional and financial support after being diagnosed with unwarranted disabilities are Canadian veterans. Veterans of Canada have faced many risks that have the potential to disable them. Consequential exposure is the term used to define a situation where a veteran was exposed to toxic compounds that rendered him or her disabled or chronically ill in some way.

Facts to Consider about Consequential Exposure

– All those in the armed forces face risks while in combat or serving overseas. This may include living in poor conditions that differ from the standards they are accustomed to, or becoming exposed to certain toxic chemicals.

– Side effects of these situations may include: cancers, diseases, neurological disorders, debilitating physical conditions.
– Any veteran suffering the side effects of consequential exposure should receive support and long term care options.

Consequential Exposure Award

Because an individual disability claim does not always receive the attention deserved, government funding and assistance sometimes falls short of fulfilling unique veteran needs.

An idea that is circulating among Canadian veterans is a consequential exposure award. This would fund the needs of disabled veterans who currently spend time and money fighting for the quality of life they deserve.

Recommendations for Veterans with Unwarranted Disabilities

– In 1991, the government reviewed the case of a combat engineer who suffered injuries due to exposure of burning oil wells. Several recommendations were made from this unfortunate situation, including, better documentation of which individuals serve on what missions, an advanced filing system for individuals exposed to chemicals during combat, a support system where individuals are able to directly contact government aid representatives.

Disability Living wants to know, are these recommendations reality yet?

Those who bravely sign up to serve Canada understand that disability may be a consequence of the job. At the same time, government needs to develop a strong support system that takes care of those who experience unwarranted disability and consequential exposure.

The National Benefit Authority recognizes unwarranted disability is a major issue that affects Canadian veterans.

Here are some questions for Disability Living readers:

– Have you had trouble getting support for consequential exposure?

– Do you have any advice to offer other veterans with disabilities?

– How do you recommend cases like these ought to be handled? Should it follow the same process of applying for disability benefits?


Disability Living wishes Veterans of Canada the best luck getting the money they deserve from government. As a disability tax credit agency, the National Benefit Authority strives to ensure all Canadians with disabilities receive money they are entitled to. If you suffer from a severe and prolonged disability, contact the National Benefit Authority to discuss your qualifications for government funding.

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