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The Role Federal Government Plays in Mental Health Services

July 25, 2013

In 2007, a nationwide initiative formed to serve Canadians who have mental illness. The Mental Health Commission of Canada gives due attention to people with disabilities. In addition, the combined efforts of federal, provincial, and territorial governments advance social wellbeing for the disability community and all citizens.


Mental Health Services

Serving people with mental illness is the responsibility of provincial and territorial governments. The Mental Health Commission through Health Canada strives to promote “responsive, coordinated, and efficient mental health service system.”

The dominant services supported by this initiative include:

– Educational/ awareness programs– Coordinating volunteer efforts
– Therapies of all types
– Establish preventative measures

More so, the federal government works with pro
vinces and territories to intervene in situations and provide recovery assistance.  The unified goal is to minimize risks and manage illness.

Minimize Risk and Manage Mental Illness

Government attempts to achieve this goal by detecting mental illness early and putting response measures in place to lessen negative impacts that result from actions of individuals who have varying disorders and those around them.

The commission encourages healthy, stable environments for people living with mental illness. Factors that are helpful in keeping a person safe include: “good parenting, social support, meaningful employment and social roles, adequate income, [and] physical activity.”

By supporting an individual through encouraging these factors, he or she can recover from effects of mental illness quickly and maintain a high quality of life.

Challenges Ahead of Mental Health Commission

While the government set a budget to promote mental health awareness, they do not have a sufficient resource database yet. This means there are “holes in the system.”

Nevertheless, it is possible to contact the federal government’s Mental Health Promotion Unit for assistance and information at this time. Visit this website:

To find out more about the Mental Health Service System visit this website:

Learn about the Mental Health Commission’s goals and platform by clicking on this link:

Every mental health program is unique because most programs are community based and differ depending on where an individual lives. With this said, Disability Living wants to hear about your experience with government programs that are intended to support people with mental illness. Answer the questions below by leaving a reply at the bottom of this post, or feel free to share your story with us.

What has the government of Canada been able to do for you in regards to mental health assistance?

Do you believe government should play a bigger role in mental health services?

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