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How to Talk About Migraine Symptoms

Chronic migraines are considered invisible disabilities. Migraine symptoms are severe, painful, limiting, and too often seen as “just a headache” to outsiders. While many people suffer through these constant headaches by learning to live with the pain, there are emotional burdens

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Does Light Sensitivity Cause Migraines?

Anyone who suffers from severe, constant headaches knows what triggers a migraine. Light. In fact, it takes a mere second for light to cause a migraine, and about 20 to 30 minutes in a dark room for migraine symptoms to

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Migraine Symptoms and Phases

Migraines come in all shapes and sizes. Many people describe their migraine symptoms in different ways. This is somewhat appropriate considering doctors do not yet know what the exact cause of migraines is. Still, there are some telltale signs of

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Natural Remedies for Chronic Migraines

Do you suffer from migraines on a regular basis? Have you written down a list of qualities – like length of time, exact location, and intense sensations – you experience with a headache? Was it ever necessary for you to

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Can Children Get Migraines?

In adulthood, we are quick to blame stress as the cause of headaches. Even though there are many reasons why a person suffers from a migraine, stress is a common association. This correlation is so strong that when a child

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Autism and Diabetes

Autism diagnoses continue to rise. In many parts of North America, it is being considered an epidemic. With such a large amount of people being affected, more research is becoming available as to what may cause autism. A recent finding

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Managing Autism and Diabetes Together

Doctors and biochemist debate about whether or not a link exists between autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and diabetes. An excellent article written for, discusses a number of different medical views on the topic, as well as testimonies of individuals

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Emotional Side Effects of an Adult Learning Disability

Growing up with a learning disability (LD) has a unique set of challenges. Thankfully, today we are able to diagnose a variety of learning disabilities in school aged children. The tests can be conducted in classroom settings for minimal costs.

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Diagnosing Learning Disabilities in Adults

Do you or someone you love have a learning disability (LD)? Was the diagnosis made in childhood or as an adult? It is astounding to think about how far LD testing has come in the recent decades. Now, it is

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Allergic Reactions to Medications

In a previous blog post, we discussed facts and dangers of the allergy medicine, Benadryl. This medication is useful in aiding allergy symptoms, motion sickness, and sleeplessness. When taken in recommended dosages, Benadryl is safe for adults and children… unless

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