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Can Children Get Migraines?

June 10, 2013

In adulthood, we are quick to blame stress as the cause of headaches. Even though there are many reasons why a person suffers from a migraine, stress is a common association. This correlation is so strong that when a child complains his or her head hurts, it is easy to be confused. What could cause a migraine in a child?

Does it surprise you to know that children are prone to migraines, just like adults?  In some cases, the habits of adolescents might make them even more prone to certain types of headaches.

Sad Toddler

Adults with Migraines Report Constant Headaches in Childhood

Some adults, when asked what ages their migraines began, said they started at ages younger than 10. Nearly half said the same headaches they experience today began sometime before 20 years of age.

What Triggers a Migraine?

A number of factors contribute to headaches; some examples are fatigue, bright lights, weather changes, stress, anxiety, depression, poor sleep patterns, and certain foods. If your child has frequent headaches and you are worried that he or she might have chronic migraines, it is a good idea to record when these episodes occur.

Pay attention to:

– What your child ate before the headache
– If his or her sleep pattern has been disrupted
– If you child has not eaten regularly
– If your child is under stress
– If he or she has been exposed to environmental changes

Once you have identified migraine triggers, it may be possible to prevent severe headaches by being more cautious of personal behaviours.

How to Help Children with Migraines

After landing on the specific causes that lead to your child’s migraines, it will be easier to create a management plan, so that constant headaches can be avoided. When comprising such a list, it is important to speak with a doctor about a treatment plan, and follow through with the strategy suggested. Consistent monitoring of any improvements or obstacles will be valuable to you and your physician.

While it benefits you to know that children with migraines is not rare, it is also helpful to be aware that, on occasion, headaches can be signs of more severe conditions too. If your child experiences frequent headaches, it may be time to talk with a doctor.

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