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Are You Eligible for the Disability Tax Credit?

Do you wonder if physical or mental impairments qualify you for the disability tax credit? The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers tax breaks to some people with disabilities. Canadians can find out if they are eligible for this annual savings

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Apply for Disability Tax Credits, NBA Advocates for You

Sometimes, being a self-advocate means knowing when to ask for help. This is especially true when you need financial relief from overwhelming healthcare and disability-related costs. Every year, too many people with disabilities report frustration towards Canada’s disability tax credits.

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Taking a Stand for People with Disabilities

Statistically speaking, it is likely that you have a disability or know someone who does. While you are probably aware of the daily challenges people with disabilities face, you might be less understanding of the abuse and mistreatment that plagues

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Is Public Office a Good Place for Disability Advocates?

Anytime disability issues make it into provincial or national conversations, the attention is welcomed. Some provinces and local governments give disability topics more attention than others. But a rarity in almost every government office throughout Canada is the actual presence

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Canadians with Disabilities Put Self-advocacy In Action

Throughout the 20th century and into the new millennium, tremendous strides have been made in disability advocacy. Still, discrimination towards people with disabilities exists today. Isn’t it discouraging to be declined services and benefits based on how others perceive your

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Pros and Cons of Mainstreaming Kids with Disabilities

Have you ever wondered if you should mainstream your child with disabilities? If you’ve not heard the term “mainstreaming”, it is in reference to integrating a child with disabilities into a classroom of able-bodied students. In other words, “mainstreaming” a

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Hiring the Right Babysitter for a Child with Special Needs

How can parents create an atmosphere that promotes success for their children with disabilities? All children deserve to be positioned for success – this includes children with disabilities and special needs. The most powerful atmosphere that can be created is

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What Disabilities Affect Canada’s Kids?

Do you think there is a greater number of children with disabilities in Canada today than there was, say, 100 years ago?  While it may seem natural for people to develop disabilities as they age, it is another story to

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Entering Adulthood with Disabilities

Many resources are available for children with disabilities and adults with disabilities, but what information and services are available to those who exist between the two age groups? It has been reported that teenagers with disabilities face extreme challenges when

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Is Disability Preventable?

Are medications in pregnancy to blame for more disability diagnoses? The numbers of diagnoses for neurodevelopmental disorders, like autism, are at record levels. In addition, children are experiencing heighten sensitivities to food, resulting in high numbers of severe allergic reactions.

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