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Apply for Disability Tax Credits, NBA Advocates for You

August 14, 2014

Why-Should-You-Apply-for-the-Disability-Tax-CreditSometimes, being a self-advocate means knowing when to ask for help. This is especially true when you need financial relief from overwhelming healthcare and disability-related costs.

Every year, too many people with disabilities report frustration towards Canada’s disability tax credits. In looking for help navigating the application process, some turn to The National Benefit Authority.

The National Benefit Authority (NBA) guides Canadians in filing disability tax credit applications so that individuals and families receive the full amount of money they are entitled to from government.

Before exploring The NBA’s service options, let’s review what the disability tax credit is and how it might benefit you.

What are Disability Tax Credits?

The disability tax credit provides annual tax breaks to individuals who have physical or mental impairments. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) oversees disability tax credit applications, also known as T2201 forms. More than yearly savings, eligible disability tax credit recipients are able to claim retroactive payments for the past 10 years of filing taxes.

However, many people with disabilities are unable to work and, therefore, do not contribute to the tax system. Still, the cost of disability is burdensome and can be alleviated with disability tax credits. In such a situation, a supporting family member or caregiver may be able to apply for these benefits on behalf of a person with disability.

Problems Applying for Disability Tax Credits

The disability tax credit may seem straight forward, but a couple problems arise when individuals attempt to apply on their own. Here are three common issues people face when seeking this type of financial relief from government:

  • Many people don’t know about disability tax credits
  • Some eligible candidates may be denied disability tax credits because of application errors
  • Numerous people are unaware of how much money they can claim in retroactive payments

Overcome Obstacles, Receive Disability Tax Credits

The National Benefit Authority wants to ensure all Canadians with disabilities know and understand what disability tax credits are available through the CRA. In addition, these specialists understand the ins-and-outs of these tax credits. They offer free consultations to all who call to inquire about eligibility. More so, The NBA has specialists who are able to consider up to 10 years of personal tax filings and calculate how much the government owes in retroactive payments.

The National Benefit Authority Advocates for You

Beyond assisting with tax claims, The National Benefit Authority takes time to consult with persons who have disabilities, understanding their unique circumstances. After connecting with The NBA and sharing your needs with them, they can begin advocating for you.

The National Benefit Authority ensures that you will get the most money you’re entitled to from government by helping you file a complete and correct T2201 application. As the application process goes on, they do the hard work for you so that you won’t have to deal with the Canada Revenue Agency.

As a person with disability, you have to advocate for yourself all the time. Sometimes, being a good self-advocate means knowing when to ask for help. The National Benefit Authority is equipped to help Canadians with disabilities get the money they are entitled to from government. By calling The NBA at 1888-389-0080, you can access a team of professional benefit specialists who want to advocate for you.


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