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What Disabilities Affect Canada’s Kids?

August 06, 2014

Could-You-Be-a-Special-Needs-EducatorDo you think there is a greater number of children with disabilities in Canada today than there was, say, 100 years ago? 

While it may seem natural for people to develop disabilities as they age, it is another story to watch children develop disabilities early in their young lives.

In Canada, of children aged 15 years and younger, 3.7 per cent have disabilities. The disabilities that affect this percentage of youths are varied. Beyond physical and mental impairments, learning disabilities plague many of Canada’s kids.

Let’s explore what disabilities are specifically affecting Canada’s kids.

Disabilities in children aged 0 to 4 are often unidentifiable.

Did you know that disabilities in kids aged 4 and under can be quite difficult to diagnose? The reason for this is that children in this age group develop at different rates. Additionally, “Disability in young children can often be described only as a certain delay in development, whether physical, intellectual or other.”

Of the disabilities that can be measured in children of this age group, the most dominant is developmental delay.

“Chronic health conditions” most often plague youths aged 0 to 14.

In fact, of all children with disabilities, 65 per cent have “one or more” chronic health conditions (this equals about 118,000 youths). One of the most common of these conditions is asthma.

What about kids aged 5 to 14?

Canadian children aged 5 to 14 most commonly deal with learning disabilities. “In 2001, over 100,000 children aged 5 to 14, or 2.6% of all children in that age group, were reported to have learning disabilities. This represented 64.9% of children with disabilities in the 5 to 14 age group.” An interesting side note is that there is a higher rate of males with these disabilities than females.

Learning disabilities encompass many problems related to learning in areas like speaking (dysphasia/aphasia), reasoning, math (dyscalculia), listening, reading (dyslexia), and writing (dysgraphia) are common types of learning disabilities.. These learning-related problems do not have to do with a child’s level of intelligence. On the contrary, children with learning disabilities are typically quite intelligent. So what’s the problem? Why can’t they seem to learn like other kids their age? Because their minds work differently that others’ minds.

Severe disabilities affect about 1.4 per cent of Canadian children.

Of children aged 0 to 14, 1.4 per cent have a severe disability. Males tend to have higher rates of severe disabilities than females. Males also seem to have higher rates of activity limitations that females.

While there are not as many children affected by disabilities as the older population, disability still has a bearing on the lives of young people. Those who are increasing awareness of children and disabilities are doing something to help Canada’s young disability community. Strive to learn more about the disabilities that affect children to become more aware and encourage awareness in others.

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Lila Vinodan Gounden
August 9, 2014 2:09 am

Well I did and have gone through your profile and I do understand well when you said kids under 15 years are more getting disabilities well this is my comments number one it’s parents concerns which means when wife is pregnant and husband is drunk or both of them getting mad well they do some injuries for the kids before they’re born and number two when parent s are invited either families, friends, or any where well they don’t even know how to protect their kids when they’re small baby because either mom/dad having party either anywhere and drinking alcoholics do you think they care about their babies no not at all because they’re busy having party and the baby is wet with diaper s and even whole body when are they going to see about baby even feeding well they’re drunk and next day may be they see and care about their babies if mom is drinking alcohol if not still it’s hard for mummy to care about baby why because they’re at families house or some they’re busy with long stories till baby cries or else forget about baby ‘s why really interest with the stories ETC that’s why kids get in disabilities plus when wife is pregnant and husband was drunk and just slept on wife stomach and she reaches to hospital well you might get good news or bad news bad news is either the baby is dead or something has been damaged inside baby bag where baby is well I see news about baby’s with parents what they do /did and reaches up to court but never get the right decision from the judges why because of the prosecuted or lawyers who damage in a part of baby’s body always wins well I see every day at HLN news with Nancy, DR Drew, ETC even though the baby has been killed or made the baby reach to hospital why because of baby’s damages done in their body well I can see and I did learned when I was married and why did I have kids and being single dad and I am on disability. Well I have seen and feel really sorry about the kids who has been in hospital ETC well my case is the reason I am in disability because I was assaulted in 1991 and has been having epilepsy(Seizures) and I have to be on medication for my life and with my medical issue’s I do and willing to control my kids and be with them and always but it’s good that my daughters are almost teen ages and they ‘re helping me every single place even if I go either to doctor or any where they’re with me and know it seams to me I am getting stress out and depress with all my injuries in pains but I can’t even eat some time so kids we can blame parents first which I did had from HLN news and even CNN news always parents goes number one when it comes regarding kids concerns ETC>

gagets, electronics, too much information causing anxiety? where am I going, how to succeed, what choices do I make? along with that go feelings of being overwhelmed, depression etc. spending too much time thinking, analizing & not enough time spent “out there” just doing stuff.
Yes, very smart, inteligent children, my male is 15 in 4 mths. he is going in ten different directions all the time, whith head phones on most of the time …lol Typical teenager? Tested few yrs ago, & was border line, did/does suffer from ashma, though not so much now.
I have’nt given up, but time will tell how things turn out. Do’snt help being seperated

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