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How to Reply to a Disability Tax Credit Approval Letter

October 05, 2013

Being approved for the Disability Tax Credit is a big deal. It brings about annual tax savings and enables a person to claim between $1,500 and $40,000 of retroactive payments. When a successful T2201 form is received, the CRA sends an approval letter to the new (or renewed) beneficiary.

It may take time to receive this letter. In fact, it can take several weeks for the CRA to review an application. Patience is a virtue in this type of situation. However, it is guaranteed that the CRA will respond to a Disability Tax Credit Certificate.

Anytime the CRA receives an application, they send a letter. In this note, an applicant is informed of his or her approved or denied status. A letter may also request additional information. In all of these responses, it is important to reply with an acceptance note, objection letter, or with the information requested. When replying to the CRA, it is valuable to know what to include.

Being Approved for the Disability Tax Credit

A Disability Tax Credit approval letter will be delivered to a beneficiary sometime after the T2201 form is received. After receiving this note, it is acceptable to include the disability amount on annual tax forms.

Also, at this time it possible to pursue back-claims. This requires additional work and proper representation. The National Benefit Authority advances these types of claims and has helped thousands of Canadians earn the full amount of money they are entitled to from government.

Not everyone who applies for the Disability Tax Credit will be approved. Those who successfully complete the T2201 form often work with Benefit Specialists. These professionals are equipped with information and understanding of the benefit program. If a person has a severe and prolonged disability that impedes daily living tasks, they are eligible to receive the tax credit. That is if he or she has a social insurance number and correct contact information.

To begin a successful application process, the first step is contacting the National Benefit Authority (NBA). These Benefit Specialists provide free one-on-one consultations to discuss individual circumstances and restrictions. The NBA takes people with disabilities through the process of receiving the Disability Tax Credit.

After an approval letter is received, the NBA takes people a step further by pursuing retroactive claims. They can provide assistance in responding to the CRA in ways that are most effective.

The National Benefit Authority can be reached at 1888-389-0080 or by filling out this online form:

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