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How to Optimize the Disability Tax Credit Certificate

October 04, 2013

Any person applying for the Disability Tax Credit needs to submit the T2201 form to the Canada Revenue Agency. Contrary to popular belief, this government office does not review applications with ridged checklists. Instead, there is a medical council that reviews every claim.


The specific guidelines that lead to an approved Disability Tax Credit Certificate state that a person needs to have a severe and prolonged mental or physical impairment.  When a disability gets in the way of daily living tasks, it is possible to receive this tax credit. But it is up to the CRA to determine how a disability affects a person’s ability to perform daily living tasks.

Before filling out the T2201 form, and entrusting this task to a medical professional too, it is important to understand what the CRA is looking for. Due to the valuable benefits available, it is advisable to team up with Benefit Specialists who can guide a unique claim.

Optimizing the Disability Tax Credit Certificate

The CRA needs as much information as possible to understand a person’s claim. Often times, the T2201 form is not enough. It is common for the CRA to request additional information before making a final decision. The best way to complete the Disability Tax Credit Certificate right the first time is to consult with Benefit Specialists.

Before Calling the National Benefit Authority

The National Benefit Authority is the most trusted name in disability support throughout Canada. Benefit Specialists can guide the application process and optimize the Disability Tax Credit Certificate. Before contacting the agency, it is important to have a few items organized:

– Compile all related medical documents.

– Know how long the disability has been an inconvenience – when did it begin and when did it worsen.

– Make sure therapies are well documented. There are certain requirements that outline if a therapy supports a vital function.

– Compile any documents that help to explain how a disability affects daily living tasks.

When this information is in order, the National Benefit Authority optimizes the Disability Tax Credit Certificate and assists the filing of a successful application. When specifics are included, it raises chances of being approved for these annual tax savings. It also enables a person to claim retroactive payments between $1,500 and $40,000.

To receive personal information and ask questions about the Disability Tax Credit, contact the National Benefit Authority for a free consultation. Benefit Specialists can be reached by phone at 1888-389-0080 or through this online form:

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