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Denied the Disability Tax Credit… Now What?

September 01, 2013

You did everything right. You learned about the Disability Tax Credit, spoke with your medical practitioner, and filled out the T2201 form. Despite having a prolonged, severe, and costly disability, your application was denied. Why? What went wrong? Now what?

These are some question you may have experienced after being denied the Disability Tax Credit. In times like these, it is important to know that a rejection is not a final verdict. There are many stories of individuals who successfully reapply for the benefit program and file appeals.

The National Benefit Authority ( helps people with disabilities file successful claims. More so, the agency provides Disability Living resources ( for individuals who want to learn more about reapplying for the Disability Tax Credit or filing an appeal.

What if Your T2201 Form is Denied?

After filing the T2201 form, a notification will inform an individual of acceptance or denial. In case of denial, the note states why the person was rejected. There are options recipients of these letters can take to reapply or submit a formal objection:

Applying for the Disability Tax Credit – Addition Information Request

In some cases, people receive letters requesting more information. This means the Canada Revenue Agency needs to know more about the impairment and how it affects daily life before deciding to grant the Disability Tax Credit. Responding appropriately to this request is vital:

Reapplying for the Disability Tax Credit

Sometimes the Disability Tax Credit is granted on a temporary basis. At the end of this time, it is necessary to reapply before being accepted into the program again. Filling out the paperwork and corresponding with government offices can seem laborious, but is well worth the effort in the end:

Teaming up with benefit specialists is the best way to apply for the Disability Tax Credit and access the greatest amount of financial benefits. The National Benefit Authority ( invites people with disabilities to contact benefit specialists who are knowledgeable about the Disability Tax Credit. They have helped thousands of people successfully apply and reapply for the benefits program after being denied.

Accessing the money you are entitled to is important for your wellbeing and quality of life. Learn more about reapplying for the Disability Tax Credit or filing an appeal by reading this week’s Disability Living blogs (

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