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Four Things You Didn’t Know About Multiple Sclerosis

May 03, 2013

Multiple sclerosis is a serious disease that affects many people. MS often has disabling symptoms. This week the Disability Living blog is writing about multiple sclerosis. The Disability Living blog is here to host conversations that benefit the entire disability community of Canada. Individuals with MS comprise a percentage of that community, and DL is pleased to offer those with multiple sclerosis blog posts that educate and uplift them.


What you don’t know about MS

Most people are aware of multiple sclerosis, but few really understand the disease. You can visit the blog posts at the bottom of this page to learn about MS. Additionally, here are 5 things you might not know about multiple sclerosis:

1. MS is very tough to diagnose — It’s not easy for a doctor to diagnose MS. This is because it has about 50 symptoms that can come on at any time. Also, different people exhibit different symptoms in varying severities. To make it even more complex, several other diseases have similar symptoms. MS has numerous symptoms because it is a disease that affects the nerves, and we have nerves all over our body. This explains why people experience such a wide range of symptoms.

2. A large number of Canadians has MS — Did you know that 133 out of 100,000 people in Canada have multiple sclerosis? It’s true. This means that Canada has one of the highest incidents of MS in the world.

3. Where/when you were born plays into your risk of having MS — This might sound incredible, but Canadians born in May have a higher risk of having multiple sclerosis. Conversely, those born in November have a lower risk.

4. Relapsing MS is the most common form — When it comes to multiple sclerosis, relapsing/remitting is the most common form. In fact, 85 percent of MS cases are RRMS.

Share with us about MS.

People who have MS are perhaps the most qualified to educate others about how the disease can impact a life. Share your knowledge about multiple sclerosis with the disability community of Canada — comment on this blog post today.

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