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Multiple Sclerosis Walk — Every Step Matters

May 03, 2013

Have you been reading the Disability Living blog this week? If so, you have been getting some good information about a disease called multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis affects a significant number of Canadians, and Disability Living is blogging to raise awareness of this disease. However, blogs are not the only tools that raise awareness of MS.

Raise awareness of multiple sclerosis by walking for MS.

One way you can raise awareness of multiple sclerosis is by participating in your local MS walk. An MS walk is a fun way to help your fellow Canadians who have this inflammatory disease. By joining the walk, you will be in good company, since about 65,000 Canadians participate each year. These Canadians come from 160 communities throughout Canada. Walking for multiple sclerosis does more than just raise awareness of the disease. It also “helps fund innovative programs and services.” These programs and services can be lifesaving for individuals who have MS.



Find a Multiple Sclerosis Walk near you.

Are you ready to walk to raise awareness of MS and help raise funds for multiple sclerosis research? If so, visit to find a walk near you. Learn how to raise money for this year’s walk at

If you are unable to physically perform a walk, you can still help by being a volunteer at an MS walk. You may be needed to greet participants, prepare and serve food, help with setup, etc. Even if you have a physical disability, you may be able to volunteer your services — your community will thank you. Read more about volunteering at

Multiple sclerosis is a serious disease that can cause crippling symptoms. You can help Canadians who are dealing with MS by participating in a local multiple sclerosis walk. Don’t hesitate to share your experience with us by commenting on this Disability Living blog post.

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