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The Dietary Needs of People Over Age 60

May 06, 2013

What are the dietary needs of people who are over the age of 60? That’s a great question, one the Disability Living blog will try to answer. This week DL is blogging about what types of foods people over 60 should be eating regularly. We encourage you to follow the DL blog during these next few days and learn about the dietary needs of older adults.


What types of foods should people over age 60 eat?

People who are over 60 should avoid empty calories. Empty calories are calories that have no nutritional value, such as those found in cake, soda, etc. Individuals who are older need to be getting their calories from nutrient-dense foods, such as:

– Oats
– Almonds
– Flaxseed
– Mangoes
– Prunes
– Canned tomatoes

While a person over age 60 should strive to eat foods that are loaded with vitamins and minerals, an excessive amount of salt should be avoided. Keep in mind that pre-packaged, processed foods are generally high in sodium.

Are you getting the vitamins you need?

Are you getting the vitamins you need from your current diet? People over age 60 need to be eating sufficient amounts of Vitamins D and A. Find out what foods are loaded with Vitamin D at Go to to discover the foods that are high in Vitamin A.

A note of encouragement.

Perhaps you are discouraged because you have let your entire life go by and have not pursued healthy eating. You may feel it is too late to begin implementing a healthy diet. But the truth is it is never to late to begin treating your body well and eating healthy. You will still reap the benefits of a nutritious diet. Disability Living encourages you to get as much education as you can about diet/healthy eating and then choose your foods wisely. Don’t let age keep you from being the healthiest you you can be.

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