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Caring for Someone Who Has Multiple Sclerosis: Part 1

April 30, 2013

Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory disease that can be debilitating. MS is a serious illness, and many who have multiple sclerosis require the services of a caretaker. Understandably, family members of people with MS often desire to assume the role of caretaker. Does someone you love have multiple sclerosis? Have you been considering becoming his or her caretaker? Read on to learn about some specific things that may be required of a multiple sclerosis patient’s caretaker.

Hand in Hand

How does a caretaker practically help an individual who has multiple sclerosis?

People who have multiple sclerosis need support on physical, mental, and emotional levels. They require a strong support system of friends, family, and trusted health care professionals. However, on the most practical level, those with MS often require someone to care for them. In what ways will a caretaker aid someone who has multiple sclerosis? For example, a caretaker of someone who has MS will help a patient by…

– Aiding with mobility (offer physical stabilization, push a wheelchair, assist with out-of-the-home activities, help with physical exercise)

– Helping cognitive functions (repeat information, encourage patient to write things down, exercise the brain, establish a daily routine)

– Offsetting fatigue (see that a patient gets the majority of the day’s tasks done early in the day, encourage naps in the afternoon)

Note: A caretaker must be aware that fatigue can indicate relapse or infection. If your loved one with MS is experiencing fatigue regularly, be sure to watch for other symptoms, and get him or her in to see a physician as soon as possible.

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Do you care for your loved one who has multiple sclerosis?

Are you the primary caretaker of an individual who has multiple sclerosis? If so, Disability Living would love to hear from you. In what practical ways have you helped your loved one? Comment on this blog post and let us know about the struggles and rewards you have experienced as a result of caring for someone who has multiple sclerosis. We appreciate your comments!

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