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Summer Camp for Youths with Multiple Sclerosis

April 29, 2013

Does your child have multiple sclerosis? If yes, we understand that it is probably not easy for your child to go about daily life. Multiple sclerosis is a serious disease that has intense side effects. MS is hard enough on an adult, let alone a child. Sometimes it’s difficult for children with multiple sclerosis to feel carefree. Has your child with MS experienced anything like this?

Kids with MS can make summer memories.

Most adults attended summer camp as children. For some people, thoughts of summer camp are the most precious memories from childhood. Parents who have a child with multiple sclerosis may want their child to make the same wonderful memories, but fear a positive summer camp experience is not possible. These parents may want to consider an Easter Seals summer camp for their child who has multiple sclerosis.

MS Summer Camp Offers Kids the Opportunity to simply be kids.

From August 14-24, 2013, the Easter Seals MS Summer Camp will be held near Calgary, Alberta. The MS Summer Camp is designed for youths who have multiple sclerosis and desire to take part in a fun experience. Here are just a few activities that campers at the MS Summer Camp 2013 will have the opportunity to take part in:

– Hiking
– Nature study
– Canoeing
– Performing arts
– Sports

Find out more about the MS Summer Camp by visiting and watching a short video. Visit that same link to complete the MS Summer Camp application.

Testimonials from past MS Summer Camps

Here’s what a few individuals had to say about the MS Summer Camp:

– “[The best thing about camp was] seeing friends from last year and meeting new friends this year, and having a network of MS family.”
– Camper

– “[Camp] allowed my daughter the opportunity to meet and get to know children of the same age with the same illness, which has made her feel less isolated than before.”
– Camper’s parent

– “[The best thing about camp was] that it enables the teens to get together and share their experiences with their disease, so that they see they are not alone!”
– Camper’s parent

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