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Health Canada Approves New Oral Medication for Multiple Sclerosis

April 29, 2013

Did you know that Health Canada has approved a new oral medication for multiple sclerosis? It’s true. This week Disability Living is blogging about the new treatments that are available to individuals with MS, as well as discussing multiple sclerosis-related research that is taking place. If you or someone you love has MS, you won’t want to miss a single Disability Living blog post this week.

What new drug is available for those with MS?

Tecfidera is a drug designed to help those who have multiple sclerosis. Tecfidera has been shown to decrease the amount of relapses a person with multiple sclerosis usually experiences. For those with MS, this is wonderful news. It is important to note that Tecfidera is NOT a cure for multiple sclerosis. However, it is another treatment option for those who have this inflammatory disease.

Dr. Paul O’Connor, director of the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at St. Michael’s hospital (located in Toronto) said it well: “The approval of Tecfidera by Health Canada is a significant advancement for people living with multiple sclerosis and adds to a growing number of disease-modifying therapies for those with the relapsing form of MS.”

Is Tecfidera dangerous?

All prescription drugs have the potential to cause side effects. However, a drug’s side effects must be weighed beside its benefits. If the drug will be more therapeutic to a patient than damaging, it may be a good treatment option. This may be the view physicians take as they consider Tecfidera for their patients who have MS.

Only a doctor can prescribe Tecfidera to someone with multiple sclerosis. Possible side effects of Tecfidera include flushing and stomach problems. Also, those who take Tecfidera may need to have their white blood cell count monitored regularly to avoid becoming susceptible to infections.

We encourage you to research Tecfidera and develop your own thoughts about this new MS treatment. Visit the following links to learn more about the drug:

Tecfidera represents hope.

Multiple sclerosis is a disease with severe and crippling side effects. While it is not a cure, Tecfidera is a new treatment option for those dealing with this inflammatory disease. This drug also represents hope — hope that new treatments are on the rise for multiple sclerosis, and that researchers are working diligently to find therapies that will bring relief to the MS community. Tecfidera is worth celebrating for both its physical benefits as well as the hope it represents to those who have multiple sclerosis.

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