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Parents Speak Out About Raising Children with Disabilities

As parents of children with disabilities, do you ever feel like you are continually fighting an uphill battle of unique challenges to face and barriers to overcome? You’re not alone. The 2006 Participation and Activity Limitation Survey (PALS) takes a

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Overcoming the Challenge of Chronic Pain in Relationship

If you are suffering from chronic pain, you know exactly how much stress can be placed on your ability to interact with others. Relationships in all aspects of your life can be severely impacted by chronic pain. Have you ever

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Abused Children are Helped by Animal-Assisted Therapy

Can children who have been abused really be helped by Animal-Assisted Therapy? Case studies have proven that they can. In what specific ways has Animal-Assisted Therapy fostered healing in abused children? Animal-assisted therapy helped an 8 year old girl named

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Hiring the Right Babysitter for a Child with Special Needs

How can parents create an atmosphere that promotes success for their children with disabilities? All children deserve to be positioned for success – this includes children with disabilities and special needs. The most powerful atmosphere that can be created is

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What Disabilities Affect Canada’s Kids?

Do you think there is a greater number of children with disabilities in Canada today than there was, say, 100 years ago?  While it may seem natural for people to develop disabilities as they age, it is another story to

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Is Disability Preventable?

Are medications in pregnancy to blame for more disability diagnoses? The numbers of diagnoses for neurodevelopmental disorders, like autism, are at record levels. In addition, children are experiencing heighten sensitivities to food, resulting in high numbers of severe allergic reactions.

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