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Abused Children are Helped by Animal-Assisted Therapy

Can children who have been abused really be helped by Animal-Assisted Therapy? Case studies have proven that they can. In what specific ways has Animal-Assisted Therapy fostered healing in abused children? Animal-assisted therapy helped an 8 year old girl named

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Preventing Abuse in Canada’s Disability Community

For some time, abuse has plagued Canada’s disability community. It doesn’t need to be this way in the future. If Canadians of all ability levels ban together to prevent mistreatment of people with disabilities, Canada will become a safer place.

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Causes of Abuse, Why it goes Unreported

Of the many questions that arise around the subject of abuse, perhaps the most common is this: Why? Why does abuse occur? We are beginning to understand that abuse occurs in the disability community more than other communities. Even though

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Why are People with Disabilities the Target of Abuse?

Many forms of abuse affect people throughout Canada. Forms of abuse that plague the disability community include (but are not limited to) physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse, as well as neglect. Why are people with disabilities targets for abuse?

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Abuse in Canada’s Disability Community

It can seem distasteful to discuss abuse and neglect in Canada’s disability community. Regardless of the discomfort people feel when addressing such an issue, it is necessary we bring up the painful topic. Statistically speaking, many Canadians with disabilities face

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Taking a Stand for People with Disabilities

Statistically speaking, it is likely that you have a disability or know someone who does. While you are probably aware of the daily challenges people with disabilities face, you might be less understanding of the abuse and mistreatment that plagues

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