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If You Are Denied The Disability Tax Credit…

October 16, 2014

A-Myth-about-the-Denied-Disability-Tax-Credit-CertificateHave you been denied the Disability Tax Credit in the past? How did you handle this news – did you file an appeal, reapply, or accept the decision?

If your application was denied, it is possible the Canada Revenue Agency made a mistake. Unfortunately, many people believe there is no chance of qualifying if an application was first denied. This is not true.

After Being Denied the Disability Tax Credit

You have options. The first is to reapply. Recognize that disabilities change with time. A person becomes eligible for this tax credit when he or she is unable to perform certain daily living activities or when these tasks take an extensive amount of time to perform. If you have lost certain functions over the years, you may now be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit.

Reapply for the Disability Tax Credit

Sometimes, a person is denied the Disability Tax Credit because he or she did not supply enough information on initial application forms. This is an oversight in the system. Unfortunately, it is up to the applicant to correct the problem. Reapply and be sure to fill out the T2201 Form properly. Provide thorough information and have your medical practitioner do the same.

Appeal a Denied Disability Tax Credit

After reapplying, if the Disability Tax Credit Certificate comes back rejected again, it is possible to appeal the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) decision. Once the appeal is made, the CRA will assign you an appeals officer. (It can take up to nine months for you to receive an officer.) This officer will review your file and make a decision about your case.

Before filing an appeal, you may choose to ask benefit specialists for help. However, rather than waiting for your Disability Tax Credit application to be denied multiple times, be proactive; ask benefit specialists from the National Benefit Authority (NBA) for help before you apply.

Disability Tax Credit Help is Available

The process of applying for the Disability Tax Credit can be laborious. Many people find it time consuming and confusing. A lot of paperwork and follow up correspondence are required. The best way to approach applying for the Disability Tax Credit is to fill out the T2201 Form right the first time.

Throughout the many steps of the application process, professional benefit specialists at the NBA are able to help. If you are just beginning to investigate the Disability Tax Credit, contact the National Benefit Authority for a free consultation. If you wish to appeal a denied application, the guidance of experienced professionals can be invaluable. Call the NBA at 1888-389-0080 and increase your chances of successfully securing the Disability Tax Credit.

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Have had 4 surgerys on my foot in the last 3 years and I am so sick of the back fourth of the trips to the hospital I have Asama and then I have to get the other foot some time and it’s getting frustrating I don’t think I will ever work again and that’s not the way to be the pressure amounts as a person

shirley richardson
October 25, 2014 1:38 am

i was denied because no one would sign for me as i live alone.

Haven’t been denied. Just never got the papers you sent me filled out. I have a nurse practitioner that a doctor oversees but I have to tell you the two of them put together wouldn’t know a disability if they tripped over it. To be honest I just gave up. Too much else to deal with in my life.

Hi ,
I was just wondering that I have already applied for the disability tax credit and was denied.I have epilepsy and am no longer allowed to work? If I was denied , how would you people be able to help,and would reapplying through you cause a problem in receiving the CPP that I am already entitled to?


These are great questions. Like other disability tax credit applicants, your case is unique. The best answers may be available to you through a free consultation with one of our benefit specialists. Contact us at 1-888-389-0080 for more information.

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