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Increase Your Self-Esteem in 2015

December 30, 2014

ABA-Anorexics-and-Bulimics-AnonymousSome people think that self-esteem happens by chance, meaning someone is born with a naturally high or low self-esteem. While this may be true in part, self-esteem can be changed for the better. In fact, you can resolve this year to improve your self-esteem.

Why Should You Work On Your Self-Esteem

There are many reasons why a person should strive to improve his or her level of self-confidence. First, a higher self-esteem often results in a happier, healthier person. Also, people who have healthy levels of self-confidence may experience more general success in life. This is because such people believe they will be successful, therefore they behave like successful people.

People With Disabilities Often Struggle With Self-Esteem

Sometimes people who have disabilities will especially struggle with their self-esteem. One of the reasons for this is that society rarely affirms those with disabilities. Additionally, media hardly ever portrays individuals with disabilities in a positive light (if at all) on TV shows, movies, etc. In general, people with disabilities are not given the respect all people deserve, which adds even more weight to their self-image struggles.

You Can Raise Your Self-Esteem

Do you have a low opinion of yourself? Do you feel that you are unattractive, unworthy of love, incapable of making good decisions, etc.? If so, be encouraged — you can change this. Put the following tips to good use this year and watch your self-esteem grow:

  • Don’t let disability limit you – We understand that disabilities place some limitations on people. However, we also know that society doesn’t teach people with disabilities that they are capable of achieving great things. Resolve this year to remove any thoughts that you can’t do something because you have a disability.
  • Say “yes” to yourself – Many people with disabilities go through their lives being told “no” by others. Sometimes, those with any type of restriction have to say “yes” to themselves. They can do this by asking themselves what desires lie in their hearts and then developing an action plan to obtain those desires. For example, would you love to meet someone special? If so, say “yes” to yourself by going places where you can meet other singles or even create a profile on a reputable online singles website. See what wonderful things will happen for you when you say “yes” to yourself in 2015.
  • Like yourself — Did you know that you are allowed to like yourself? It’s true. “Give yourself permission to like yourself. By developing self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-love, you empower yourself to accomplish your goals and improve your relationships with others.”
  • Choose your thoughts wisely – If you spend one day paying attention to your thoughts, you might be unpleasantly surprised. Oftentimes, people will catch themselves thinking extremely negative thoughts. If you have any negative thoughts that are repetitive, write them down, then write down positive thoughts to replace them. Practice filling your mind with positive thoughts that are sure to raise your self-esteem.

Do You Have Any Tips For Improving Your Self-Esteem?

Are you an individual with a disability? Do you have any tips that could help someone improve his or her self-esteem? If so, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment on this blog post.

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