The National Benefit Authority was founded with a simple goal in mind – help Canadians with disabilities receive a Disability Tax Credit from the Canadian Government

I established this organization after attempting to help several relatives apply for a disability claim with the Canada Revenue Agency. I quickly discovered that the process is complex, the instructions confusing and how even a small mistake will result in a rejected claim.

Nobody was able to provide any guidance – not accountants, doctors or even CRA representatives. It was as if the legislation was purposefully intended to prevent qualified Canadians from filing successful applications.

At the NBA the process is simple because we do all the hard work for you. Our experience with virtually every kind of claim means you will be receiving a level of expertise unavailable anywhere else. There is no need for you to spend days on end filling out confusing forms. Our dedicated Benefit Specialists are carefully screened to ensure your claim is processed quickly, confidentially and that you’re given the best possible opportunity for a successful application.

After processing thousands of applications and collecting millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, I’m proud to say our goal remains the same: Help all Canadians with disabilities receive the money they deserve.

My personal commitment to you is that you will always be treated with respect and we will always stand up for our clients.

Akiva Medjuck

Founder & CEO


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Over 900 Testimonials

"it was a great surprise that they finally accepted me. I do have a bit of a complaint…it seems that we as customers have to pay back a rather large percent considering the length of time and the amount of work (paper documentation) we as customers have to do. Just..."

- sherry


"Many thanks to the NBA staff i had know idea that i was entiled to any benifits but a friend showed me ad for them and suggested i call them. when i did they sent me the forms to take to the doctors and helped fill out all the paper..."

- mike cardiff


"I had no idea i was entitled to some money back, and the national benefit authority helped me get it when it was most needed. Thank You."

- Terrance Upton


"From the first time we contacted you, we were helped step by step through the whole process. Without you and your organization we would have not been successful or known how to apply for all our benefits. My wife and myself thank you again and again, the money was very..."

- Earl Neil Hopkins



- jaie hopkins

2015-02-16 18:56:18

"The National benefit Authority are trustworthy people. I was very satisfy with the service and if it wasn't for their advertising no one would know about the DTC – however I do think the fee should be lowered. Thank you for helping me."

- Tabitha Hardy


"THANK YOU NBA!!! Because of you i was able to buy my grandchildren gifts for Christmas. Your going the extra mile for those you do not know is greatly appreciated. For those of us on disability it becomes a stressful time when we realize that there are funds we are..."

- Julia Carriere


"Thank you to the NBA staff. You have been quick and efficient with a professional approach, yet sincere and understanding at the hardships we suffer. There are so many things that an ordinary person does not know about the system that we are easily scamed from our much needed funds...."

- Julia Carriere


"Thanks to the NBA, who helped explain all the paperwork and did all the filing of documents, I was able to receive benefits that greatly helped my family through a financially challenging period. Thank you National Benefit Authority for doing all the "heavy lifting" through this confusing and frustrating process!..."

- Debra


"I would like to take the time to thank the courteous case workers that I had and all the members at the NBA for their work that they put in behind the seen to help me earn the benefits that I deserved. Your work was beneficial to me and my..."

- Edward Deane


"The national benefit authority helped me to get money from the government. It's always good to have some extra money in your pockets. I truly believe that all the staff members are professional and helpful. It would be impossible for me to succeed without your help. You guys are awesome...."

- Gurpreet Grewal


"After a few attempts to do all this paper work on my own there was just to much paper work and to many hoops to jump threw to complete this task on my own the people here went to work on this for me right away and got me results..."

- Robert Schultz


"When I was asked to write about my experiences with National Benefit Authority, I had to ponder a bit to find the perfect description to represent how I feel towards this organization. " NBA Delivers ". NBA delivers every word they said on their webpage. Their commitment to me was..."



"I'm approved that was the best new I have gotten in a long time. I would like to thank all the staff at the NBA for getting me this benefit, which has allow me to pay my bills in full. Its hard as it is for a senior like myself..."

- Lawrence Keegan


"Without the NBA I never could have done this on my own."

- Tina Morrison


"Thank you to all staff of NBA for helping me get the refund for my Mom. you're the best, keep up the good work."

- Glenda Pedro Bareng


"A great big thank you to Brenda Cirillo and all the staff at the N.B.A. for getting us a large settlement from Revenue Canada. Without them I wouldn't have even known I was entitled to a disability credit on my taxes. They have gone above and beyond and I will..."

- Sandra E Boucher


"First of all I would like to thank the National Benefit Authority from the bottom of my heart for helping me to apply for and receive the Disibility Tax Credit! I would not have known about this credit if it were not for the NBA. Even though there was a..."

- Dawn Duncan


"Thank you NBA for getting us the benefits owed to us that Revenue Canada wouldn't have helped. The money was sure needed. We are waiting for an appeal on my husbands claim. You have worked to our Benifit."

- Donna Moore


"Thank you NBA for all your help! Without you, my family and I would not be where we are today! I heard about the Disability Credit but with all the paperwork to complete I had decided to forget about completing them. With all the help that that I received from..."

- Brigitte Antolini


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