The National Benefit Authority was founded with a simple goal in mind – help Canadians with disabilities receive a Disability Tax Credit from the Canadian Government

I established this organization after attempting to help several relatives apply for a disability claim with the Canada Revenue Agency. I quickly discovered that the process is complex, the instructions confusing and how even a small mistake will result in a rejected claim.

Nobody was able to provide any guidance – not accountants, doctors or even CRA representatives. It was as if the legislation was purposefully intended to prevent qualified Canadians from filing successful applications.

At the NBA the process is simple because we do all the hard work for you. Our experience with virtually every kind of claim means you will be receiving a level of expertise unavailable anywhere else. There is no need for you to spend days on end filling out confusing forms. Our dedicated Benefit Specialists are carefully screened to ensure your claim is processed quickly, confidentially and that you’re given the best possible opportunity for a successful application.

After processing thousands of applications and collecting millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, I’m proud to say our goal remains the same: Help all Canadians with disabilities receive the money they deserve.

My personal commitment to you is that you will always be treated with respect and we will always stand up for our clients.

Akiva Medjuck

Founder & CEO


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Over 975 Testimonials


- Lori Shaw

"i would like to thank NBA for helping me with this trust fund for my disability, without this i would be lost in life"

- stan smagala

"Early in 2014 I became aware of some debts that were seriously overdue. As Im on a disability I wass having no luck getting funds to pay these bills. So, I asked Spirit for 10,000 dollars. My faith is very strong and I discovered the NBA on facebook so I..."

- David W Dunbar

"i would like to thank everyone who had helped me during this time"

- Lisa

"I have suffered from depression for a number of years. With the help of The National Benefit Authority I received some funds. It wasn't alot but it helped me through some rough times. The service and communication was quick and everyone was extremely helpful."

- Michael Goslin

"Hi: My name is Nancy. I tried many times to be able to get this credit on my own, so that each year I could claim the disability credit. I failed each and every time.I suffer from depression/anxiety and I have a brain injury. I have an old micro hemorrhage..."

- Nancy Storms

"I would rather have The NBA work for me because its much easier to have them contact CRA on my behalf. Thank you, NBA."

- Gord R Carr

"I've got a five year relationship with the National Benefit Authority. Not only have I benefited, but I have been able to educate my family and friends who have suffered for years with unrecognised disabilities. However, since they were also able to access the support and friendly understanding of this..."

- Frank Cadeddu

"Thank-you National Benefit Authority for the help you have given us. My husband and I both have disabilities and we were told by a friend about NBA so we gave it a try. They were sucsessful in getting the help and benefits we deserved, even though we had no idea..."

- Dianne Meissner

"We were surprised in receiving some extra money as we had some house repairs to do and did not know were the money would come from. This process was easy we had to just fill out papers and the national benefit authority did the rest. Thanks so much!"

- David and Brandi White

"As a Canadian Armed Forces Veteran who suffered an O.S.I (Operational Stress Injury) in Afghanistan. I was medically released from the Canadian Armed Forces due to my injury. The National Benefit Authority made it an easy process to receive my Disability Tax Credit. There attention to detail and customer service..."

- Philip Kenneth Moore

"I have been suffering with osteo-arthritis for over 25 years, and have been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis for over 10 years. I have been struggling financially for about 8 years, ever since I was put on CPP disability, and Ministry Disability,,, thank you NBA for helping me get some money..."

- Sharon Wade

"The national Benefit Authority has help me receive over $5000.00. It has payed some bills and still had some for fun"

- Timothy Webber

"Thank you National Benefit Authority before my husband passed away NBA helped us receive benefits that we never new where available, and since his passing they have help me get the benefits I am entitled to without them I would not know about the entitlements The staff is always polite..."

- Hazel Gonyea

"I am very happy the way the national benefit authority people worked on my case and that the time they took to work on my case. I was amased at the amount of money i received from them which helped to get batteries for my two hearing aids. Thank You..."

- patricia callahan

"Thank you for your assistance in my receiving the funds that I did. It has allowed me to purchase a proper supporting bed for my Arthritis, especially in my back. I am sorry that I had to make my payment by cheque but my bank nor myself could set it..."

- Laura Wardner



"So very grateful for the funds received,, nba did a wonderful job and helped me a lot…thank you…"

- SHIRLEY Topaloff

"My case was successful and thanks a lot NBA for helping me…"

- tahir wahab

"I would like to thank national benefit for helping me out. Even though I am in still pain, life goes on. My husband died of cancer, at first they gave him 3 months, then dropped to 2 weeks, then next thing he was gone. Its sad to see him gone...."

- jacqueline jones

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