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The National Benefit Authority was founded with a simple goal in mind – help Canadians with disabilities receive a Disability Tax Credit from the Canadian Government

I established this organization after attempting to help several relatives apply for a disability claim with the Canada Revenue Agency. I quickly discovered that the process is complex, the instructions confusing and how even a small mistake will result in a rejected claim.

Nobody was able to provide any guidance – not accountants, doctors or even CRA representatives. It was as if the legislation was purposefully intended to prevent qualified Canadians from filing successful applications.

At the NBA the process is simple because we do all the hard work for you. Our experience with virtually every kind of claim means you will be receiving a level of expertise unavailable anywhere else. There is no need for you to spend days on end filling out confusing forms. Our dedicated Benefit Specialists are carefully screened to ensure your claim is processed quickly, confidentially and that you’re given the best possible opportunity for a successful application.

After processing thousands of applications and collecting millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, I’m proud to say our goal remains the same: Help all Canadians with disabilities receive the money they deserve.

My personal commitment to you is that you will always be treated with respect and we will always stand up for our clients.

Akiva Medjuck

Founder & CEO


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Over 950 Testimonials

"I think its wonderful what the National Benefit Authority does and has done for me because without them I would have never gotten the money I was entitled too and the extra boost I needed financially to fix my roof. Thank You.Victoria."

- Victoria Wybou

"I heard of this credit and saw the NBA ad on the web and decided after many years of always having to pay and pay to see if I would qualify for this credit through NBA .They were very efficient and kept me in the know at all times of..."

- Roger Hooper

"I had requested information for my handicapped son and my husband, who suffered a work accident and has since been declared permanently disabled.I was happily surprised at the speed with which the refunds were received. For my son I received two refunds about 2 months apart. For my husband, we..."

- Jocelyne Trudel

"in 2006 i fell of the top of semi truck smashing my foot completely my leg in two places and lower back.i have 12 screws in my foot plus a steel plate and wire mesh,i have steel rod in leg.i was in wheelchair for 1 year ,a walker steady for..."

- laurence messervey

"After working as an RPN in a nursing home for almost 32 years, I was gearing down to retirement. In the fall of 2011 I suffered a brain aneurysm. I survived and spent the next two years recovering. In March of last year I fell On my way! a patch..."

- Audrey Benbow

"Thanks to the workers at National benefit authority my son got some money we didn;t think we were eligible, I;m working on getting funding for my own mental disabilities, hopefully national benefit authority can help."

- patricia nabesw

"I was diagnosed with M.S in 2010, and my life changed over night. I lost my good paying job at a warehouse. After 23 years in the lower mainland I was forced to move away from my kids.It is so expensive to live down there. Now I am living with..."

- Robert Paxton

"I would like to thank the National Benefit Authority for being so patient and working with me to receive benefits that i deserve! I have been diagnosed with MS and have severe walking issues! The employees made sure that i have got the fullest i can get from the government...."

- Kristin Vautour

"I was unsure at first Because nearly got taken by a fraudster trying to get into my bank account.These people have been so helpful and true even though with the time difference and my working around loud equipment we did very well.I want to thank the staff for the great..."

- Robert RANDALL

"Has a retired medically member of the armed forces. I was so pleased with the service i received. i suffer with chronic pain, PTSD,Chronic anxiety and depression and have been overwhelmed with forms from Veterains affairs, my military form and doctors appointments.i could not have done this on my own.NBA..."

- Gary Chamberlain

"I have just applied, been living with lots of pain in lower back for over 10 years, this year my Doctor diagnosed as degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis , very painful, my career as Line Cook for 17 years has to end as there is no way for me to function..."

- Magnus R Hill

"Thanks for all the hard work of the staff of NBA as I was able to receive the refund and help out with the bills."

- Petra Wilson

"I contacted the national benefit authority and told them my story about my disability. They were extremely knowledgeable and helpful as to help me pursue money to help me and my family As I am unable to work due to my disability. I feel the staff was very kind and..."

- Robyn Lachance

"We had never had much success trying too receive the extra tax breaks we were entitled too. We found it frustrating when our daily lives are impacted by my disabilities. They helped us too gain what we are entitled too. With the cost of so many extra things that a..."

- Deborah Bacon

"I would like to thank the National Benefit Authority for all their hard work finding money I never knew was out there for me. You all did an awesome job. Again thank you very much. Tammie"

- Tammie Filson

"I am so happy that my husband had heard about NBA as I had fought for 2 years with C.P.P. and got no where with them they had told me that I am able to go back to work even if it isn;t my work that I had done before,..."

- Helen Weel

"I thought this was all a waist of time because I was certain that no one really cared. The National Benefit Authority proved me wrong they were with me every step of the way with support. I want to say thank U for everything U have done for me and..."

- Alexander Stevens

"I have to thank the NBA for doing a wonderful job at helping meet the benefits that I should have recieved from C.P.P. as that company had decided I was able to go back to work and it seems that they know me better then myself and my doctors, once..."

- Helen Weel

"When me and my wife applied for the disability tax credit with CRA we got denied and didn;t know what to do, until we heard of NBA. We had the National Benefit Authority appeal our cases for us and they not only got us approved but we got back a..."

- Olof & Margaret

"The national benefit authority went above and beyond to help me. I am beyond greatful for all the work they did to help me get a return.Thanks so much NBA, you guys are awesome"

- Aisha Douglas

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