The National Benefit Authority was founded with a simple goal in mind – help Canadians with disabilities receive a Disability Tax Credit from the Canadian Government

I established this organization after attempting to help several relatives apply for a disability claim with the Canada Revenue Agency. I quickly discovered that the process is complex, the instructions confusing and how even a small mistake will result in a rejected claim.

Nobody was able to provide any guidance – not accountants, doctors or even CRA representatives. It was as if the legislation was purposefully intended to prevent qualified Canadians from filing successful applications.

At the NBA the process is simple because we do all the hard work for you. Our experience with virtually every kind of claim means you will be receiving a level of expertise unavailable anywhere else. There is no need for you to spend days on end filling out confusing forms. Our dedicated Benefit Specialists are carefully screened to ensure your claim is processed quickly, confidentially and that you’re given the best possible opportunity for a successful application.

After processing thousands of applications and collecting millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, I’m proud to say our goal remains the same: Help all Canadians with disabilities receive the money they deserve.

My personal commitment to you is that you will always be treated with respect and we will always stand up for our clients.

Akiva Medjuck

Founder & CEO


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Over 900 Testimonials

"The NBA helped me get a refund from the government. The NBA was very professional and understanding of what needed to be done for me . The NBA kept me informed of what was going to happen and explained to me what was all about to happen. They were vert..."

- Francine


"I was very impressed with the interaction and the results from the NBA in getting me a refund of over $12000.00 that I never had any clue was available to me. Thank you NBA"

- Dennis


"The follow up was excellent. I received phone calls checking on information and asking about medical information."

- Rick


"I had a great time speaking to the various professionals you have to help me fill out the application correctly. They told me how to word things that I was not clear on. What to talk over with my Doctor so she had all the information I needed to get..."

- Deb


"Thank you to the NBA for helping get me some much needed funds to help pay towards a new insulin pump I recently had to purchase that was not covered by my insurance This took a lot of stress off my shoulders and they did all the work It basically..."

- ReJean


"I'm hearing impaired and NBA helped me."

- Esther


"I'm still at the very beginning of dealing with National Benefit Authority, but so far I am very pleased with everything."

- Bernhard


"Since I was diagnosed with MS I have been unsure of what benefits I was allowed to claim. I would like to thank the National Benefit Society for helping us and getting us a refund it was greatly appreciated. Thank you"

- Barbara


"Since i had my accident i felt like everyone was working against me not for me. Until I saw an NBA Ad and they were the first to help me and give me the break i needed to help pay for many of my medical bills and treatments. If it..."

- Roxanne Boomer


"I was absolutely impressed by the professional care that The National Benefit Authority showed in taking such excellent care of me… Each of the representatives who contacted me were very thorough & understood my issues… They even talked with my Doctor on several occasions so he was better informed of..."

- Kelly Calver Rouleau


"Hats off to everyone at National Benefit Authority! You guys are great!! Thank you!!!!!"

- Sean Skjonsby


"After an unsuccessful attempt with someone else. (I'm sorry to say he did not know what he was doing and also cost me $500.00). I called NBA. The lady at the other end was very nice and knowledgeable. I have problems at hearing so I made and appointment to go..."

- Bruno LaRizza


"I Love the NBA"

- Pinky


"Thanks NBA. Derrick you did a wonderful job, We are so pleased with what you did!!!! Superb!"

- Sean Skjonsby


"NBA did a super job of following up on all details for my claim including dealing with the delays by my doctors office. It was a pleasure dealing with the NBA right thru to cheque issuance."

- Richard Durocher


"hello, I want to take a minute of your time to let you all know about the national benefit authority and the success they had in obtaining a disability refund for me,I was unaware of any such refund program , until I read a story about others and their success..."

- stephen smith


"I wanna thank the nba for helping me and my mom got out refund money, thanks for all the support you give us to.!"

- Austin Povelofskie


"I have been on disability due to injuries sustained in a rear end collision. M world was turned upside down, losing my career, financial debts, heavy medical expenses. The National Benefit Authority was an incredible gift to me in helping me to receive the Disability Tax Credit. each Stff member..."

- Valerie Blackburn


"Its been a long process,but in the end it all worked out well,thanks again"

- paul rempel


"When i first started the process i really didn't expect to get anything back but i was very happy when national benefit authority got me back something, it was worth fighting for and NBA did what they promise they would do. Thank You for fighting for me keep up the..."

- Waltraud Repka


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