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Why We Always Follow Up on Rejected Disability Tax Credit Claims

November 27, 2018

When applicants come to The National Benefit Authority for assistance with the Disability Tax Credit application process, not only do they receive the expertise of 10 specialized departments, but our company’s full support.

We fully invest our time and resources to secure our clients the money they deserve. Whether it’s $500 or $50,000, every client receives the same, individualized service that can’t be found anywhere else in Canada.

This is evident in National Benefit Authority reviews, our extremely low decline rates when we apply for the Disability Tax Credit on our clients’ behalf, and our approach to rejected Disability Tax Credit claims.

Following Up on Denied Disability Tax Credit Claims

Call us stubborn, but we don’t accept ‘no’ from the Canada Revenue Agency when we believe a client’s rejected Disability Tax Credit application is unreasonable.

We don’t give up so easily and always follow up on denied Disability Tax Credit claims.

Fortunately, many rejected Disability Tax Credit applications are due to easily reversible human errors. This typically consists of adding more detail about a client’s condition on the Disability Tax Credit certificate, or educating doctors on the CRA’s definitions of disability, BADL, and marked/significant restrictions. These oversights are up to the applicant to correct, and we gladly walk through the application process with them, reapplying their Disability Tax Credit.

In other cases, a person is denied the DTC for inexplicable reasons. The T2201 form is correctly and thoroughly filled out, the person has a severe and prolonged disability that has been certified by their physician…but they are still capriciously rejected.

This is when our Appeals & Objections department steps in.

Disability Tax Credit Objections

If reapplying yields the same rejected status for a client, our Benefits Specialists will object the CRA’s decision. This can be a long process, as the client will be assigned an appeals officer from the CRA – which can take up to nine months.

This objection process forces the CRA to look through our client’s entire record and files once again, and at this point they’ll either come to us for additional details, or reverse their decision (just the act of filing is usually enough to get an approved Disability Tax Credit for clients!). Time is a factor in filing objections, as they must be submitted no later than 90 days after the notice of determination is received.

If we’re still at a standstill at this point, we won’t hesitate in taking it to the next level and having the case reviewed in Tax Court.

You have enough to worry about in managing your or your loved one’s disability. Let our Benefits Specialists get you the money you’re entitled to – there’s no faster or easier way to receive the Disability Tax Credit!

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