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The Lieutenant Governor Promotes Hiring Disabled People

During his installation speech on September 5, 2007, the Honourable David C. Onley, 28th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, committed to using his position to help remove physical barriers to Ontario’s then-1.5 million disabled people, as well as focus on obstacles

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This Is Not ‘Community Living’: Inmates with Intellectual Disabilities

“People with intellectual disabilities do harder prison time, more time, and get less out of their time.” A.J. Withers In order to look at why so many people with intellectual disabilities end up in the prison system, we need to

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Text to 9-1-1: Disability Community Abolishes Huge Barrier

Imagine that you’re deaf or speech-impaired and have witnessed an accident.  You know your civic duty is to call 911so that people get the help they need – but you can’t hear the dispatcher and he or she may not

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Discrimination and Ableism in Entertainment

A Pakistani Muslim, female, New Jerseyan with cerebral palsy sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. But when told by Maysoon Zayid, the joke is hilarious. The comedienne is garnering international attention for her stand-up comedy routines which cross

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Does Your Hospital Discriminate?

Are you willing to entrust your life to a hospital? Have you or a parent experienced early release from a hospital with very few or no follow-up instructions? When medical staff seems adamant that a patient is ready for discharge,

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The Link Between Asperger’s Syndrome and Low Self-Esteem

A certain neurological profile shows correlation between Asperger’s syndrome and low self-esteem. You know it, you see it in others, but how do you guard against it in your child, family member or friend? Along with some of the hallmark

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Ottawa Compensates Veterans Post Pension Clawbacks

Imagine this: your calling in life is law enforcement. You’ve known it since you were young. You don’t want a desk job. You want to become an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. After years of rigorous training you

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Does My Child Need A Special Needs Evaluation?

According to, out of four moms, one wonders whether a special needs evaluation is needed for her developing child. Can it be that 25 percent of the population has special needs that significantly impacts one or more areas of

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Disability in Media, a Campaign for True Diversity

Consumer culture is being held hostage by media channels broadcasting a very narrow sampling of ‘beautiful people’. The perfect specimens seen in magazines, on television, billboards, and all over the internet only represent a fraction of the diversity that makes

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