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Dancing with Disabilities | The Rhythm of Life-Changing Passion

Some of us can’t carry a beat for anything, but others are born to dance! Meet Olesia Kom and Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli. Both have physical disabilities but Kornienko and Patuelli are a testament to the indomitable will to be free

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5 Tips for Communicating with Autism

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with autism? If so, you may rely on adapted communication techniques so others can understand you. The autism diagnosis implies an individual has unique challenges developing communication skills that are common in

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Children with Autism Learn Using Visual Aids

This week, Disability Living is blogging with hopes of raising autism awareness. Today we are discussing how children with autism tend to be visual learners. This post explores how parents and teachers can use visual communication to aid the development

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Fatal Errors Caused By Overworked, Understaffed Medical Professionals

Are you more likely to die because of the hospital that you’re in, rather than the illness you were admitted for? As CBC reports, “Winnipeg Regional Health Authority data show that during a three-year period, there were 14 critical incidents

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Canada’s Changing Perspective on Euthanasia

Country-wide, Canadians continue to challenge the existing state of affairs in regard to euthanasia and other end-of-life choices. A recent Angus Reid poll cites that some 75 per cent of Canadians are likely to voice support for doctor-assisted suicide. The

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Government Wonders Why RDSP is Underutilized

Six years ago, the government launched the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) as a long-term savings option for people with disabilities. Today, only 15 per cent, or 12,000 of 500,000 people with disabilities have started their RDSP. According to Lisa

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Proactive Parents Face Autism Care Shortage in Ontario

Ontarians are pleased with the development of autism therapies but dissatisfied with the scarcity of treatment services available. The Star reports that, “Parents spoke of confusion trying to navigate a convoluted system, lack of transparency about wait lists and how

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BC Disability Clawbacks Hurt Our Most Vulnerable

For a moment, picture what your life would be like if you and your young child lived on just $241 dollars per month. After paying rent and car insurance, all you’d have left for groceries, communication and other must-haves would

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Stepping Out in the Upsee

New Invention Enables Children With Disabilities to Walk

At first glance, the Upsee looks like a cross between a Baby Bjorn infant carrier and a car seat. No industrial looking metal, no utilitarian design, and no boring colours. Instead, this revolutionary device is lightweight, and the combination of

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Mental Illness and Student Success in Post-Secondary

After all the difficulties that high school wrought on your teen, it’s time for the true test; the entry to so-called real life: post-secondary education. Be it college, university, or apprenticeship, time away from the haven of home can mean

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