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ODSP Benefits Change for Workers

Ontarians with disabilities may be heading back to work soon, but not because they feel ready and able. The three types of employee benefits available through ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) are being replaced in efforts to “streamline social assistance

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Long-term Caregiver Denied Disability Tax Credit Benefits

Edith Ryan cannot reap the benefits of the Disability Tax Credit on her own. Even if her legal blindness and immobility did not prohibit her from independently filing an application, she does not work. And nobody expects her to; Edith

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Why Reach Out To The National Benefit Authority?

The National Benefit Authority (NBA) is the most trusted name in disability support throughout Canada. With their assistance, thousands of people with disabilities have been rightfully awarded Disability Tax Credits. Being granted the Disability Tax Credit makes it possible for

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Who Can Help You Qualify For The Disability Tax Credit?

One of the biggest problems with the Disability Tax Credit is not enough people know about it. Many people looking for disability support wonder why they are just hearing about the Disability Tax Credit now, after struggling financially for years.

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Workers Receive Disability Benefits Too

In a recent Globe and Mail article, contributor Michael Prince laid out Seven Reasons Why Disabled Canadians Are Losing CPP Benefits. Most of you know that Canada’s Pension Plan offers benefits to some people who have disabilities and low employment

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