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Emotional Distress, Depression and Disability

August 25, 2014

Who-Is-the-Smallest-Woman-in-the-WorldIt has been a few weeks since news of Robin Williams’ suicide shook the world. The sudden death of the beloved comedian brought important questions to light. One of the most common questions has been “why?” Why did the talented star take his life?

Another question that recently surfaced directly affects people in Canada’s disability community. In the wake of this high profile suicide, many people wonder when emotional distress becomes a disability.

If you experience thoughts of hurting yourself or another person, support and care are available to you. Click here to locate your province’s suicide hotline: Please don’t hesitate to get the help you deserve.

Depression is a slippery slope. In many cases, “feeling blue” may actually be a serious mood disorder or mental illness. Unfortunately, being diagnosed with clinical depression is a long, drawn out process. This is because experiencing symptoms of depression does not always classify someone as having a disability. However, the effect depression has on daily functions might be considered disabling.

Have you experienced disabling symptoms from depression of emotional distress? What was this experience like for you? If you feel comfortable, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Symptoms of depression, like suicidal thoughts, thoughts of harming others, loss of concentration, weight loss or gain, eating disorders, substance abuse issues and more can impact behaviour and lead to a mental illness diagnosis. Symptoms of depression can also restrict daily living activities and cause a person to fall into financial despair. This can result in depending on family members to support basic living needs.

When topics of mental illness arise, people are quick to assume there is no financial support available. Contrary to popular belief, depressed individuals with ongoing pain and inability to function in mainstream society may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit. In Canada, people with disabilities may be eligible to receive annual tax breaks to supplement their incomes.

The National Benefit Authority assists people with mental illnesses, including severe, debilitating depression. Benefit Specialists guide them through the application process that makes it possible to receive up to $40,000 from government. Free consultations are available and, for a limited time, The National Benefit Authority is waiving the $25 application fee.

Click here to learn more about the Disability Tax Credit and The National Benefit Authority’s “Give Back” Promotion:

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Why is Robins death such a mystery. If I were Robin Williams, I would have done the same thing. I understand he was recently diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. Robin was smart enough to know that this disease would end his career. Also, who wants to be a burden to his or her family. Is it rocket science to look around a nursing home and think (do I want to live like that). Obviously, no. The majority of those people are not healthy and are quite literally waiting to die. Their grown family do not have the time nor energy for these old folks. Think about it! They have served their purpose and are a burden to not only themselves and their family but also to society. I am of the baby boomer generation and, of course, it was beyond my control when I was born. I have lived with limited job opportunities my entire adult life because there are too many of us. I have also lived through the worst economic recession since 1939, I am a woman and have spent the majority of my adult life as a single parent on a much lower income than my male counterparts. My ex-husband is a dead beat dad and currently owes approximately $80,000.00 to me through maintenance enforcement for back maintenance payments for the upbringing of his children that he could not be bothered to pay. I suffer from heart disease that, yes, will eventually end my what is left of my miserable life. I was born, raised and lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada since my birth in 1958. My dad was born in Alberta in 1910 and my mom was born in Saskatchewan in 1924 both, of course, have been deceased for quite some time. I wanted to point this out so those readers do not think I am an immigrant. I have not ever qualified for any Government assistance or even day care assistance. I work every day and find it very, very difficult but, I do not have any RSPs because I raised four children without any help therefore, I will have to wait for my Canada/Old Age Pension which I will not be able to qualify for at least ten more years. Am I going to make it no, I doubt it. So, for those of you that feel sorry for people suffering from depression, get a grip! The last thing I will likely do is end my own life so that I can finally have peace and get some much needed rest. I will also not be a burden to my children nor grand children. I say yes! to Dr. assisted suicide because, even though I have paid taxes in this country since 1973, Canada cannot afford to look after me and I will not ask my family to put up with this burden. Come on people respond to this blog. I cant wait to hear what the majority of you have got to say.

sometimes its hard being alive, when u feel alone with pain and sadness bcoz u have lost the ability to function as a whole anymore and nobody understands or cares to understand, they just forget to come around bcoz they dont know what to say or do for u.

Clinical depression…huh do I have a thing or two to say About a very early age .i think 7 being mom and many other aboriginal women labeled unfit and alcoholic..being a single mother of four my mom did struggle at times and who don’t .red white or blue.she was repeatedly told she was unfit by workers of gov.. Becaz aboriginal me and my siblings wer taken and put in a residential schooling sister she has green eyes fare’s weird she was placed in a foster siblings and I went threw things and bad things in there.experienced things il never forget .this was the same year residential schools wer stopped.but we wer there before and after government had taken reponsibility for the schooling issue.being 31me and two of my siblings only remain..and to have the strength to go threw such a things loose every one I had becaz the toll it took on my parents and my siblings I know for a fact are why they are not here today.depression has almost eatin me whole.. But the fact the I seen my mom remain strong threw things she had is why I haunt let it keep me down.I at times have abit inthusiasm to get outta bed and raise my children and the fact that my children don’t have the things they deserve in life becaz I literally physically hurt at times from clinical depression I can’t find it in me to have any strength or ability to achieve a fulfillment to that extent..being unable to be consistant becaz clinical depression has led to bipolar and other complications I am forced and bound to live and at a bear minimum of 1000. A month with no way other then just would benefit my life tremendously and many help make awareness that depression isn’t just a faze or people feeling sorry for there selves some people feel it to the core and don’t see any other way out but to end it ..I see it alot lost many many friends and family .depression took..DEPRESSION HURTS. Right to the end … And it doesn’t have to.peace

Fighting an inoperable brain tumor most of my adult life which has brought on other physical problems, yes I have often thought of suicide. Pain has been my life so I understand depression and the results of it. Once my brain shut down and I swollowed a bottle of pills not even realizing I did it! I had at the time been fighting kidney stones and been in the hospital twice previously so when I woke they let me go home kidney stone free:) as they thought. Depression is a deep dark hole that sometimes you cannot get yourself out of and if your lucky I found usually time would help get rid of it. Deep depression requires help to crawl out of. Do Not give in to it!!

SOUNDS wonderful that some form of support is there, but you wait so long for any results, you could be dead before you receive anything. That wait does NOT help.

Yesterday sept. 5. I had a period of insane depression I’ve never felt so bad. I wanted to die but I wasnt going to go there. Death for me right now is not an option. Don’t wanna die just don’t want to keep on living.

Last year lost a nephew to suicide. since then lost relatives to cancer. my wife had surgeries, is taking chemo to battle cancer. the last two years especially, of living life with my own disabilities including depression – all this and more forces me daily to get out of bed and do at least one thing a day. even if that one thing is taking a “me-day”, or “me-minute/hour”. Remember, the “me-times” are very important. I don’t know what to say other than remember that, as in Desiderata, ‘you are a child of the universe-you have a right to be here’. Love yourself. by looking after yourself you can perhaps help others.

I have been diagnosed wit clinical depression and exteme anxiety. It takes over your life I was 13 or so when I noticed things were not right things that I used to do I could not do anymore like being with friends being around people period. I would cry for no reason get angry because people would say your crazy I would have dreams of killing myself and then I would start cutting. Finally something made me write a note to my mom and left it in her ork uniform and by the time she was at work it took her less than an hour to be back at home and hauled me into the drs because my family has a strong mental history of all sorts. Right away was put on meds and yes they helped by m not crying as much but I still would not do things I used to do which then would make me feel even more depressed.
I tried working I think I had two jobs in my whole life and I am now 32 years old. It was the worst feeling in the world to be afraid of what others would consider normal. I just hope one day people will be more willing to talk about these issues instead of hiding it then maybe others would get help. I see a psychiatrist now Im still having a hard time living like this but I just try and keep going not just for me but especially my son and husband.
I would love a day when hopefully I won’t need medication but after this long I cant see it hppening my dr says I will be on medication for the rest of my life. Anyone out there who feels even slightly different from the wsy you were before get help and dont be ashamed.

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