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Who is Eligible for Disability Tax Credits?

A severe disability often leads a person to experience trouble completing daily activities. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers tax credits for people who struggle with disability. By offering this credit to people with disabilities, the CRA is able to

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Tax Breaks for Canadian Families, Children with Disabilities

It is costly to raise children in Canada. Families that care for children with disabilities can quickly become overwhelmed by expenses. Taking care of a child with disability requires special assistance in various ways. The exact need of a child

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Apply for Disability Tax Credits, NBA Advocates for You

Sometimes, being a self-advocate means knowing when to ask for help. This is especially true when you need financial relief from overwhelming healthcare and disability-related costs. Every year, too many people with disabilities report frustration towards Canada’s disability tax credits.

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Is It Bad To Be Labeled Disabled?

Disability is a complex term. All too often, the word disabled is used to label people who have physical and mental impairments. Even when this label is intended to benefit them (like when they learn they are eligible for disability

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