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What does it mean to transfer the Disability Tax Credit?

Not all of our clients have disabilities. Some of them are family members of someone living with a disability – like the parent of a child with autism spectrum disorder, or a grandson living with his grandmother with dementia. Families

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Consider these Tax Tips before 2016 ends

Canadians typically consider April as the time to think about income taxes, but don’t forget there are a host of considerations to make before the year ends. Buying Medical Insurance Whether you’re self-employed or simply buying extra benefits for your

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4 common Disability Tax Credit application mistakes you might be making

Many people come to us for help because their Disability Tax Credit (DTC) applications were declined when they applied. To find out what went wrong in the first place, we look at their applications, their medical histories and interview them

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Does your province affect your Disability Tax Credit amount?

We get asked this type of question all the time “how do federal and provincial Disability Tax Credits work?” To claim the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), you must have paid (or expect to pay) income tax – you only get

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Who qualifies for the Disability Tax Credit?

Did you know that that mental illness, irritable bowel syndrome and addiction may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit? Up to 1.1 million Canadians live with disabilities and afflictions that may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, but there are

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Watch our Disability Tax Credit Team do the Mannequin Challenge

Watch The NBA, Disability Tax Credit Specialists, do the Mannequin Challenge in their office!

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Help – I can’t claim the Disability Tax Credit!

Did you know you can transfer any unclaimed Disability Tax Credit amounts to a family member? Sometimes when our clients are approved for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), they may not claim the entire approximate $1,700 for the year, simply

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Five Benefits of the Disability Tax Credit You Didn’t Know

Many Canadians living with disabilities don’t take advantage of all the disability benefits available to them – largely because they aren’t widely known, often vary in eligibility guidelines and procedures, and are lengthy to apply. So would you be surprised

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What is a tax credit?

Tax credits can reduce the amount of income tax you owe, or increase your tax refund. However, not all tax credits are created equal. Some tax credits are meant for families with children, while others are designed for Canadians living

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Paralympic hopeful Katelyn Wright Redefines “Normal”

Normal, a word that holds a heavy meaning to the human race. It’s something we strive to be, something we want our families to be, something we feel we need to be accepted by our peers. But what is normal?

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