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Medical Marijuana Instead of Prescription Drugs

March 27, 2014

A number of people with disabilities use marijuana for medical purposes. Many of these individuals say it is better for them than narcotics. Narcotics had certain side effects that legal marijuana does not have. In Canada, medical marijuana users have been allowed to grow their own supply since 2001. However, this may soon change.

How the Government of Canada Defines “Disability” 300x119 Medical Marijuana Instead of Prescription Drugs

Why Regulate Marijuana in Canada?

The government wants to repeal the Marihuana Medical Access Program. It is said that growing marijuana for personal use can jeopardize public safety. Government believes it may increase the possibility of mold and fire risk. There is also the possibility that the product would be used to sell on the black market. In effect, the government wants to regain more control over the growing process and distribution of marijuana.

The Marihuana Purposes Regulations is proposed to start April 1. At this time, over 40,000 medical marijuana patients will be forced to buy what they need from one of seven licensed producers. The prices will range from $4 to $12 a gram. Therefore, a patient who uses 50 grams a day for relief from chronic pain will now have to pay $800 a week.


What Will Happen to the Home Grown Crops?

People who grow their own medical Marijuana will have to destroy their crops by March 31. However, there is an injunction being filed against the regulation which forbids growing marijuana at home. The case being argued is that patients will not be able to afford the high prices of government sanctioned marijuana.

The case also states that the regulation violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It forces people to choose between liberty and health; liberty because they could be criminalized for growing marijuana at home and health because they can’t afford the new product and without it, their health could deteriorate.

Medical marijuana isn’t covered by disability insurance, provincial health plans or the conventional insurance providers. Thus, growing marijuana is the only way patients can ensure the drug will be legally accessible to them. This is why people who use marijuana are hoping the injunction will be granted. Ultimately, this will ensure patients can continue to grow for now.

Marijuana’s Affects Pain

Does medical Marijuana help manage chronic pain? There have been studies conducted on how marijuana does affect people with MS positively. There is some suggestion it is effective in protecting the nervous system from advancing diseases. However, Health Canada does not endorse medical marijuana. It says there haven’t been conclusive studies to show that the benefits outweigh the harm it can cause.

Now, Canadians must wait to see if the injunction will be served or not. If it is, then they have time to finish growing their crop. If the injunction is shot down, then they will be buying what they need form the suppliers which are government approved.

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