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Financial Support for Canadian Citizens

This week on Disability Living: The National Benefit Authority is dedicated to serving people with disabilities. Experienced benefit professionals help individuals apply for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC). The DTC is one of many credits available through the Canada Revenue

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How Much Money Will You Receive From CRA?

Medical expenses are high for a person with disability. There is a great need financial support within this community. The government of Canada recognizes this and offers disability support in the form of a tax credit. Annual tax savings and

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Disability Tax Credit for Children Under 18

Family caregivers know how taxing it can be to protect the health and well-being of children with disabilities. It costs money, time, and energy to manage a home where one child or more needs special attention. For this purpose, the

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Medical Expenses Tax Credit

Claiming medical expenses on tax forms is important for people with disabilities. Being awarded disability tax credits mean the government of Canada recognizes you as having a severe and prolonged illness or handicap. Significant medial costs may come with your

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Completing the T2201 Form

The T2201 form is the official code for the Disability Tax Credit Certificate in Canada. In order to qualify for this tax credit a T2201 form must be completed and sent into the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The government of

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Do You Qualify for the Disability Tax Credit?

Disability comes in many shapes and sizes. Do you wonder if your physical or mental challenges qualify you for the disability tax credit? It can be surprising to learn that a doctor’s diagnosis may not lead to qualification. In fact,

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Too Much Paperwork

Disability assistance is available but securing it costs time and money. In some circumstances, investments of time outweigh modest financial gains. A lot of this labor goes into locating and filling out confusing paperwork. Furthermore, after sending in paperwork to

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Answering Your Questions about the Disability Tax Credit

The government of Canada recognizes the challenges of living with disability. Does your physical or mental health qualify you for the disability tax credit? Find out the answer to this and other questions on the National Benefit Authority’s blog (

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