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Financial Support for Canadian Citizens

August 11, 2013

This week on Disability Living:

The National Benefit Authority is dedicated to serving people with disabilities. Experienced benefit professionals help individuals apply for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC). The DTC is one of many credits available through the Canada Revenue Agency. It is reserved for people who have severe and prolonged mental and physical challenges.
Qualifying for the Disability Tax Credit leads to annual savings and up to $40,000 in tax refunds. Learn more about applying for this program by reading the National Benefit Authority’s blog. Disability Living ( discusses the financial opportunities available to Canadian citizens through Disability Tax Credits and other government benefit programs.

How Much Money Will You Receive From CRA?


The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers disability support through the Disability Tax Credit. The DTC provides tax breaks that can supplement income, making it easier to afford medical expenses and other costs of living. The program is designed so the taxable income of a person with disability is zero. How much financial support are you receiving after taxes?

Disability Tax Credit for Children Under 18


It costs money, time, and energy to manage a home where one or more child(ren) need special attention. For this purpose, the Canada Revenue Agency Disability Tax Credit is available for children under 18. This credit can be claimed by primary caregivers as well, and the money can be used for anything. It is a tax break and may be a tax reimbursement too.

Medical Expenses Tax Credit


Being awarded Disability Tax Credit means the government of Canada recognizes you as having severe and prolonged physical or mental challenges. Significant medial costs may come with such diagnoses. Knowing how to claim these medical expenses will increase the amount of deductions you can apply to your annual income tax.

Financial support is available through the Disability Tax Credit. If you worry about supporting medical expenses and high costs of living, contact the National Benefit Authority ( Learn more about the Disability Tax Credit by reading the Disability Living blog. Reply to any post with questions, concerns, ideas, and comments.

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